Our top Himba and Bushmen experiences give you an opportunity to discover unique cultural heritages throughout Africa in culturally sensitive ways.

Incorporating authentic experiences into your journey really helps you discover and understand the heart a place. Engaging with the local people gives you a better understanding of their history and culture, and even the fun quirks that make a place unique. At Ker & Downey, we strive to help you connect with a place through these experiences. These are our top Himba and Bushmen experiences in Africa.

Rock Art Excursions at Bushmans Kloof | The Cederberg

Head to Bushmans Kloof in the Cederberg area, a region originally inhabited by the San (aboriginal people of Southern Africa). You can take a peek into their lives with excursions to the Cederberg Mountains where over 130 San Bushman rock art sites have been discovered. They date between 2,000 and 10,000 years old and provide a significant window into their lives with paintings of tribal dances, shamanistic visions, and spiritual rites.

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Walk with the San Bushmen at Jack’s Camp | Makgadikgadi Pans

Learn about the Bushman way of life at Jack’s Camp, where you’ll have the opportunity to spend time walking and interacting with Bushmen trackers. Their ancient culture can trace its roots in the Kalahari back 30,000 years. While walking with them, you’ll learn about gathering food, uses for plants and wildlife, and how to track animals using their legendary tracking skills. It’s an activity well-suited for all ages.

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Visit with the Himba | Serra Cafema Camp, Namibia

During a stay at Serra Cafema in Namibia, you can visit a traditional Himba village to learn about their fascinating culture. The semi-nomadic people have been living in the area since the early 16th century, and move between between settlements throughout the year in search of grazing for their cattle. They are unique for the red ochre cream they rub over their bodies to protect them from the sun. Women also mix in aromatic herbs for fragrance.

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Walk with the Bushmen | Dinaka, Central Kalahari Game Reserve

Our clients and designers constantly sing praises for the bushmen educational walk at Dinaka. Of her time spent with them, Nicole says, “You can’t miss the bushmen walk at Dinaka. They take you out and show you how to set traps, shoot a bow and arrow, make fire… the two guides, Voter and Kumtsha, are such fun personalities too so it’s just an awesome time.” It truly gives you a chance to see a through a window into their world.

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