Traveling to Croatia checks off so many of our European must-haves: sparkling coastlines, historic walled cities, and delicious food. But in case you need more reasons to travel to this European destination, we present Ker & Downey’s top 10 Croatia experiences. 

The Top Ten Must Dos In Croatia Ker Downey Yacht

1. Go Island-Hopping by Yacht

One of the best ways to see Croatia’s islands, inhabited or not, is by private yacht. Ditch the commercial cruises and go island-hopping with your own personal crew on this very best Croatia experience. Drop anchor in a secluded bay and dive right into the blue sea. Find picture-perfect moments aplenty on our completely customizable Croatia Island Hopping Tour.

Wine And Romance Slovenia & Croatia Luxury Honeymoon HERO

2. Dine on the Walls of Dubrovnik

Completely exclusive and unique, nothing beats a private dinner on the 13th century city walls surrounding Dubrovnik. A local Croatian chef will take you on a culinary journey through seven gourmet courses paired with the finest regional wines. Top it all off with a live music performance by a local band. Between the romantic setting and gorgeous sunset, this Croatia experience is particularly ideal for celebrations or proposals.

Top 10 Must Dos In Croatia Best Croatia Experiences Ker & Downey Helicopter

3. Take a Helicopter Ride with a Former General

Travel by helicopter for an aerial view of the main battlefields of Croatia’s homeland wars of the 1990s. You will hear first-hand accounts from a former general, who was in charge of the main operations during the war. He will recount the struggles which took place at key military outposts, including Vukovar, Zeljava airport base, Knin, and Dubrovnik. This top Croatia experience is a must for history enthusiasts!

Wine And Romance Slovenia & Croatia Luxury Honeymoon FEATURE1

4. Pick Grapes and Create Wines

A perfect European day should always include a glass of wine. With a visit to Roxanich Winery & Design Hotel in Istria, you can do more than just sip the product. You can also discover the different aromas of the winery's aged, rare, and natural wines from indigenous grapes. Additionally, go grape picking and create your own wine from your efforts. The winery will then store, bottle, and send your bottle to you once ready. 

Top 10 Must Dos In Croatia Best Croatia Experiences Ker & Downey Supercar

5. Visit a Supercar Producer

Modern petrol-heads will take great interest in a visit to the contemporary Rimac factory, a technology powerhouse in the design and production of electric hypercars. This includes the ultra rare Concept One, the fastest electric car in the world. Meet the engineers to discover the history, engineering, and production process as you take a private tour of the facilities.

The Top Ten Must Dos In Croatia Ker Downey Food

6. Take a Cooking Class with a Master Chef

With such an influx of invaders and cultural influences in Croatia’s ancient past, it’s certainly no wonder that you can drink a strong cup of Turkish coffee and bite into creamy pasta on the same day. All the different cultures and nearby countries left a huge (and very tasty) impact on Croatia’s cuisine. Throw on an apron and learn how to make some regional dishes with a Croatian Master chef in Split. Not only will they give an interactive presentation of their specialties at their restaurant, they will also show you how to get creative with Croatia's abundant fish and seafood offerings.

Top 10 Must Dos In Croatia Best Croatia Experiences Ker & Downey Medieval Castle

7. Feel Like Royalty in a Medieval Castle

Step back in time and enjoy a special meal at the fairytale 13th century Trakoscan castle. Renowned as the best preserved and most beautiful castle in Croatia, its picturesque lakeside setting and perfectly preserved history make this in Benja make this an unforgettable must-do. Not only will you dine on regional specialties, but you will do so surrounded by antique furniture and attended to by staff in traditional clothing. 

The Top Ten Must Dos In Croatia Ker Downey Village

8. Search for Truffles

Just the mere thought of these hidden tubers gets our mouths watering. Further up the coast in Istria is homebase for the biggest white truffle ever found. Head out with a truffle hunter in search of these delectable delights and pair them with wine, cheese, and honey.

Best Of Croatia Private Tour Luxury Travel To Croatia Ker Downey Plitvice

9. Explore a Plitvice Lakes

Boasting 16 turquoise lakes tumbling into each other via a series of waterfalls and cascades, Plitvice Lakes National Park offers the perfect backdrop for a leisurely stroll among pristine nature with a local guide. The deep woodland is populated by deer, bears, wolves, boars, and rare bird species. For an even more epic experience, opt for a quad biking adventure through the park.

The Top Ten Must Dos In Croatia Ker Downey Oyster

10. Farm for Oysters

It's true: a lot of our Top 10 Croatian experiences focus on food. That's because the entire region is known for its fantastic food and wine. It therefore remains one of the best ways to get to know the country. For our final experience, we recommend tagging along with a local farmer to try your hand at cultivating oysters. The reward for your work is a lunch featuring these delicacies of the sea and another top ten must-do in Croatia accomplished.

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