Get out of the winter slump and shed those heavy coats. These are the best places to travel around the world in February.

Best Places To Travel In February Luxury Tanzania Travel Kerdowney

Serengeti National Park

In early February, you can catch the end of calving season in the Serengeti. It’s a great time for a safari because the predators are out in full force on the hunt for prey so there’s sure to be some good wildlife encounters. There are a number of good mobile safari camps that move with the migration and permanent lodges that are supremely situated for the spectacle.

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The Best Places To Travel February Luxury Travel Ker Downey Argentina

Iguazu Falls

South American summer is still in full force in terms of humidity and heat. However, February guarantees thunderous falls and plenty of spray, whether visiting the Argentina or Brazilian side of these iconic waterfalls. Pair Iguazu Falls with Antarctica, the Pantanal, or Patagonia for an especially unforgettable South American adventure. And for more inspiration, check out Ker & Downey's Iguazu Falls Travel Guide.

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Best Places To Travel In February Luxury Uganda Travel Kerdowney


Uganda is one of the best places to travel in February. It’s the dry season and the temperatures can be hot, but it is an ideal time for gorilla trekking and wildlife spotting in the reserves, as the animals flock to the waterholes.

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Traveling to Australia in February is an excellent choice for those looking to escape colder climates and experience vibrant summer activities. It's the tail end of Australia's summer, so it's ideal for exploring the country’s stunning beaches, lush national parks, beautiful wildlife, and lively outdoor festivals in the southern regions, especially Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Tasmania, the Southern Outback, Kangaroo Island, and Lord Howe Island. Additionally, visiting during this time allows travelers to enjoy the less crowded attractions and often more favorable prices before the peak tourist seasons kick in.

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The Best Places To Travel In February St.Lucia

Caribbean Islands

Looking for a quick getaway in February? Look no further than the Caribbean islands. February offers the perfect balance of sunny weather and comfortable temperatures, making it ideal for enjoying the Caribbean's pristine beaches, thrilling water sports, vibrant marine life, and cultural festivals. We are particularly partial to the VIP Airport Service and luxurious properties on Turks & Caicos (COMO Parrot Caye and Amanyara being two favorites), as well as the Friday night street party and all-villa resorts found on St. Lucia

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United Arab Emirates


Dubai is one of the best places to travel in February for a multitude of reasons. The weather promises to be mild and comfortable, making it perfect for outdoor activities and exploration without the extreme heat of summer. It's also prime travel season, so travelers can enjoy the full spectrum of the city's attractions, from the iconic Burj Khalifa and Palm Jumeirah to the bustling souks and luxurious resorts along the coastline. 

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Travel In December Best Destinations For Travel In December France

French Riviera

The French Riviera has a much milder climate, even in the winter. Plus, opera season is in full force at the Opéra Nice Côte d’Azur and Paris Fashion Week is at its height back in Paris.

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Best Places To Travel In February Luxury South Africa Travel Kerdowney
South Africa

Western Cape

In February, you’ll catch the tail end of summer in South Africa, but it’s an excellent time to visit the Cape, as the coasts are cooled by sea breezes. Plus, the Garden Route experiences a pretty temperate climate year-round. To see the African bush at its greenest, February is one of the best times to go. It’s the green season when summer rains have turned the vegetation green and birding is at its best. Photographers especially will love the contrast between the green landscape and the crisp blue sky.

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Best Places To Travel In February Luxury Guatemala Travel Kerdowney


For a special Valentine’s treat, visit the Antigua Chocolate Museum to learn how to prepare chocolate from scratch with a Mayan recipe. With Ker & Downey, you’ll enjoy a two hour chocolate workshop that starts with the cacao bean and ends with the chocolate bar. For a quick getaway, consider pairing Antigua with Petén for an even deeper immersion into Maya history and civilization.

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Best Places To Travel In February Luxury Brazil Travel Kerdowney

Rio de Janeiro

Brazil hosts one of the biggest parties of the year in February. Travel to the Carnival capital Rio de Janeiro to partake in five days of festivities that lead up to Fat Tuesday. After days spent partaking in festivities and indulging to your heart’s content, consider heading to the beaches of Brazil for some much needed R&R.

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A Zambia Zimbabwe Safari HERO
Zambia & Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls

February is an enticing time to visit Victoria Falls, one of the world's most spectacular natural wonders, located on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. During this month, the falls are at their fullest due to the rainy season. The lush surrounding landscapes are also at their most vibrant, creating a stunning backdrop for nature enthusiasts and photographers alike. Additionally, February is a great time for wildlife viewing, as the increased water flow draws a variety of animals to the area.

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Much of Thailand receives less rainfall in February than during other months, making February an enjoyable time to explore the destination. In the north, the Chiang Mai Flower Festival occurs on the first weekend of February, bringing with it a riot of color to this historic city. Meanwhile in the south, Bangkok’s Chinatown bustles with activity during its vibrant Chinese New Year celebrations. Or head to the southwest coast for diving and snorkeling with fewer crowds.

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For a truly authentic escape, participate in the Carmelo Harvest Festival in Uruguay in February. This festival, set amidst the picturesque vineyards of Carmelo, offers a unique opportunity to indulge in the region's finest wines and gourmet cuisine crafted by top chefs, all while enjoying the tranquil, upscale ambiance of boutique wineries. Guests can partake in hands-on harvest activities (like grape stomping), private wine tastings, and elegant wine-paired culinary classes, all tailored to provide a sophisticated and immersive experience. Additionally, the warm February weather complements the stunning vineyard landscapes, creating a perfect backdrop for a luxurious and memorable wine-centric getaway.

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