Philanthropy and
Charitable Organizations

Wherever your passion for travel takes you, there is one common thread for us all – a curiosity to see the world and learn about other places, people, and cultures. Over our years in the travel industry, Ker & Downey has seen firsthand how travel supports local and international economies and people. However, not all tourism dollars trickle down to those who need it the most.

It has been our philosophy to “give back” in ways that are far more personal and powerful than tourism dollars. Many of our clients, upon their return from their destinations, have asked, “What can we do to help?”

Above is a list of philanthropy and charitable organizations we are particularly passionate about, plus some ideas for ways you can make a real, positive impact on the lives in a community.

Our style of experiential travel breaks down barriers, opens minds, and dives into the true spirit of a place. If you feel called to make a cash donation before or after your journey, there is an option to do so when making final payments. We ensure that 100% of your contribution goes to the charity or community project that has the most need. We also encourage our clients to bring their own ideas to our designers during the travel planning process. Incorporating philanthropy work into customized itineraries is one of our favorite things to do for our clients.