Located deep in the heart of the unspoiled Colca Canyon, PUQIO is the first of its kind in the region. This immersive luxury tented camp invites guests to not just visit Peru but to immerse themselves in its essence. Between its canvas and adobe accommodations, open flame family-style menus, and nature-focused excursions, PUQIO promises both authenticity and luxury in the Colca Valley.

Property Details

Just three hours away from Arequipa, PUQIO offers a unique tented exploration of the Andes. Additionally, just four adobe huts and four canvas tents host just 16 travelers at a time. Inspired by the canvas tents of the first Andean explorers, each features firewood stoves and outdoor showers and bathtubs.

Luxury Tented Camp

The spacious CARPA canvas tents offer outdoor terraces, woodburning stoves, and both indoor and outdoor showers. Meanwhile, the PIRCA adobe rooms offer the same amenities as well as some of the best views of the valley. Finally, the CARPA REFUGIO is especially indulgent with large living area and terrace and separate mud room.


PUQIO offers all-inclusive experience for its guests. For meals, travelers experience rural open-fire techniques and clay oven traditions. Paired with local produce, this method of preparation creates a completely authentic and inspired culinary offering. Plus, with no menus, family-style servings remind each visitor of the rich simplicity of living from the land.

Location & Excursions

Set in a quiet, unexplored Andean valley, PUQIO offers immersive excursions that capture the mysticism of the Andes. Visiting the Colca Canyon brings travelers up close to one of the deepest canyons in the world.

The canyon is home to the Andean Condor, which often flies above -- especially from the Cruz del Condor overlook. Pre-Inca cultures left terraces still in use today. And, according to local tradition, a river flows directly into the Milky Way. 

Guests of PUQIO have access to several artisans, naturalists, and local experts to guide them through the Colca Canyon. Favorite experiences include horseback riding through the deepest canyons, and learning about ancient plant wisdom. Additionally, soak in the local hot springs, and visit the best textile weavers in the Andes. Guests can also visit the charming towns of Sibayo, Tutti, and Chivay.

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