About Us

Ker & Downey is a leading travel design company dedicated to crafting individually-inspired travel experiences. We engage our clients through personal discussion and apply our incomparable expertise to create journeys that become a unique reflection of the individual traveler. Our passion for excellence ensures every journey is seamless and worry-free. Indeed, our goal is to inspire our travelers and enable them to discover and come to know the culture of a destination.

The Ker & Downey Difference

In our 50+ years of travel industry experience one truth has remained: every Ker & Downey journey is completely customized. Therefore, the itineraries you see on our website are simply a starting point. They represent just one of hundreds of ways to experience the world with Ker & Downey.

Anyone can arrange a few nights at a luxury property. Ker & Downey, however, thinks of every detail, for each of your traveling companions. Your wants and wishes are more than just a checklist of must-dos. We consider them the custom blueprint for your own unique journey. We then use that blueprint to deliver the truly unforgettable experience you want from your trip.

Our Values

With integrity and understanding, Ker & Downey embraces our responsibility to co-create a world where each of us, our communities, and our planet can flourish. All the while, we celebrate the sheer love of travel. We love showing how travel, when done right, can break down barriers.

Learn More

The best way to get to know Ker & Downey and our unique style of experiential travel is by working with us. Based in the United States, our team of experts work hard to get to know each and every client and partner with them to design a highly customized personal itinerary. In each itinerary, we consider every aspect of what you want out of your trip. Contact our luxury travel consultants to start your own journey.