There’s no use trying to save your vacation. It’s time to get out of the office and start packing. There’s so much to see in March in so many countries. March is the perfect month for families to go on a journey that your kids will never forget. Here are just some of the best places to travel in March.

Best Places To Travel In April Luxury Travel Ker Downey Argentina


For travelers passionate about wine, the Uco Valley is the place to go. Indeed, Argentina has taken the international wine world by storm with a stream of international accolades. These exceptional wineries are re-writing the history of Argentinian wine. Live the harvest from 15 February to 30 April 2019 in the Uco Valley. Guests can participate in a variety of activities during the grape harvest and have the pleasure of selecting bunches of juicy ones to turn into fine wine.

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The Best Places To Travel In March Luxury Travel Ker Downey Spain


Skip the crowded beaches of nearby Portugal and instead opt for the coastlines and history of Andalusia. This is shoulder season so the waters will begin warming and there will be fewer people, leaving you to enjoy your own blissful European beach.

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Best Places Travel To March Luxury Travel Ker Downey 1


Every spring, the streets of Reykjavik fill with design for the epic DesignMarch festival. From fashion to furniture, architecture to food design, the festival showcases the best of Iceland’s impressive local design scene alongside renowned international names. Taking place in late March each year, the DesignMarch scene promises to be small and intimate, allowing travelers to rub shoulders with both local and visiting designers.

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Best Places To Travel In March Luxury Egypt Travel Ker Downey


March is one of the best months to visit Egypt. It’s shoulder season, when temperatures are pleasant, but there aren’t quite as many crowds at the major sites in Egypt. The ancient country has much to see – from the Red Sea where to you can sunbathe and scuba dive, to the ancient temples and monuments along the Nile, and the unchanged culture of the Siwa Oasis. The best way to see it all is with Ker & Downey and our incredible private Egyptologists that uncover a world of history with you.

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Kruger Safari Luxury South Africa Safari Ker & Downey Cheetah

South Africa

March is a great time to travel to South Africa travel due to pleasant weather and fewer crowds. Late summer offers suitable temperatures, ideal for outdoor activities and game viewing. The end of the rainy season brings the lush landscapes to life. Wine regions see harvest season, and cultural events take place. Coastal areas have beach-friendly weather. The shoulder season ensures a less crowded experience. South Africa in March offers something for everyone and offers an enjoyable travel experience.

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Best Places Travel To March Luxury Costa Rica Travel Ker Downey
Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio National Park

March is the heart of the Costa Rican dry season. We suggest taking your Spring Break vacation in a place where children and adults alike can benefit from both beach and rainforest activities. There are countless ways to experience the great outdoors in the Manuel Antonio area: horseback riding, kayaking, white water rafting, surfing, sailing, zip lining, and even jungle excursions to see its many monkeys, sloths, and tropical birds. From learning how to make fresh corn tortillas with a local senora to planting a tree in a nearby rainforest project, there are so many ways to make your trip one to remember.

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Best Places Travel To March Luxury Chile Travel Ker Downey


Valparaiso is like a giant secret – South Americans know it, but it’s off the map for international tourists. In its heyday, Valparaiso was the richest, most luxurious port city in South America, but with the building of the Panama Canal in the early 1900s, Valparaiso was nearly forgotten. Until now. The 42 hills of Valparaiso crash down into the sea – similar to Cinque Terre, but larger, and with much colorful, narrower streets. We recommend visiting Valparaiso in March when the weather is mild and the Casablanca Wine Valley – Chile’s fastest growing wine region next door – provides optimal day trips for grape harvests and wine festivals.

Best Places To Travel In March Luxury Namibia Travel Ker Downey


For photographers, green season is a special time in bush. But that goes for the desert too, where late summer rains bring dark rain clouds that contrast nicely with desert soils and a profusion of flowers and wildlife. It’s a special time in the desert when migratory birds arrive and springbok lambs are born, causing predators to gravitate to the herds for an easy kill. There are also less visitors in green season than there are in the high season, so your Namibia safari will be intimate.

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Best Places To Travel In March Luxury Philippines Travel Ker Downey


Let’s face it, March is still pretty cold for much of the United States. Skip out on a few weeks of winter and travel to the far-flung islands of the Philippines. Its 7,000 blue-rimmed islands are welcoming and laid-back and temperatures are optimal for a March getaway. It can get crowded around Easter though, so make sure to plan early!

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The Best Places To Travel In March Luxury Travel Ker Downey India 1


Holi in India in March is a fun colorful festival with locals throwing vibrant powder and water over everyone, holding fun parties and dancing under water sprinkles. It’s a carefree festival that’s great fun to participate in, and where you’ll be sure to get wet and dirty – dress accordingly!

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The Best Places To Travel In March Luxury Travel Ker Downey Uzbekistan 2


Though the weather is still cold, it’s a good month for Uzbekistan as the country celebrates the arrival of spring with their new year, Navruz. This holiday brings on cultural performances of musicians and dancers in colorful outfits along with lively festivities – it’s a happy and festive event, like Christmas. It’s also a beautiful time to explore its rich history and architecture.

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The Best Places To Travel In March Luxury Travel Ker Downey Mexico

Celestun Biosphere

See a sea of pink flamingos at the Celestun Biosphere. Due to the unique eco-system of a combination of fresh water from the estuary and salt water from the Gulf of Mexico, more than 200 species of birds flock to the area which has become famous for their large colonies of bright pink flamingos, which are out in full force come the month of March.

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Uruguay is one of the best places to travel in March. Wine harvest time runs between mid-February and March. Plus, the waters are still warm for charters out to Sea Lions Island from Punta del Este. For a true Uruguayan immersion, consider staying longer and combining an authentic estancia with a beach escape.

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The Best Places To Travel In March Luxury Travel Ker Downey Italy


Tastebuds delight in Norcia, known for its extraordinary food and wine tradition. But it’s most famous delectable treat are the black truffles that grow underground in the hills that protect the city. The dark, fragrant nuggets are a delicacy celebrated each year at the Black Truffle Fair every spring.

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Family In Gozo Citadel Credit Visit Malta


Malta is one of the best places to travel in March. The temperatures are mild and not too hot, which makes it ideal for outdoor activities. Between countryside walks, bike rides, and visits to such gems as the Dingli Cliffs and Blue Grotto, the options are endless this time of year. Plus, you can explore all of Malta's many sites without of crowds. The busy streets of Valletta and the popular beaches remain tranquil and ripe for discovery. In March, both nature and culture collide. The wildflowers begin blooming, and the migratory birds make their journey across the Mediterranean. Finally, the Feast of St. Joseph on March 19th brings with it a community-led celebration of feasts, concerts, and fireworks.

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