Explore the immense diversity of Asia, the world's largest continent, which encompasses a range of cultures, religions, and ecosystems. From iconic landmarks like Mount Everest and the Yangtze River to ancient civilizations and vibrant festivals, Asia harmoniously blends tradition with modernity. Discover answers to common travel queries and optimal travel times in our Asia travel guide.

Asia and When to Travel:
Your Questions Answered

What season is best to travel to Asia?  

Asia's seasonality varies across its vast expanse. Generally, winters (November-February) offer mild temperatures ideal for exploration. Summers (June-August) can be hot and humid, while monsoons (varies by region) bring heavy rainfall. Each region has its charm year-round, from cultural festivals to natural beauty, catering to diverse traveler preferences. To learn more about a specific region of Asia and when to travel, head to our regional information

What is the price for a custom itinerary to Asia with Ker & Downey? 

Every Asia itinerary is uniquely crafted by our experienced travel designers, all of whom have explored the region extensively. Each journey is enhanced with exclusive encounters and personalized details, ensuring an unforgettable and hassle-free experience for your clients. Custom itineraries start at $1,000 per person per day.  


Regional Information: Asia Travel Guide

Each region of Asia offers something different. Learn more about the regions in Asia and when to travel to each.

Central Asia

Traveling to Central Asia offers a unique blend of ancient history, diverse cultures, and stunning landscapes. The main draws include exploring the historic Silk Road in Uzbekistan, discovering intricately designed mosques and mausoleums, experiencing the nomadic way of life in Mongolia, marveling at the rugged beauty of the Pamir and Tien Shan mountains in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, and connecting with warm and hospitable locals.

Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia entices travelers with its enchanting mix of tropical paradises, rich cultural tapestries, and vibrant street scenes. Highlights include the pristine beaches and lush jungles of Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines, intricate temples like Angkor Wat in Cambodia, bustling markets in Malaysia, delectable street food in Singapore, the peaceful culture of Laos, and a welcoming atmosphere that immerses you in diverse traditions and experiences.

Eastern Asia

Eastern Asia captivates with its fusion of modernity and tradition. Iconic draws include Japan's high-tech cities and serene temples, South Korea's K-pop culture and ancient palaces, China's Great Wall and bustling metropolises, and Taiwan's vibrant street markets. Delve into a dynamic blend of innovation, history, and captivating landscapes.

Southern Asia

Southern Asia beckons with its diverse tapestry of experiences. From the spiritual allure of India's ancient temples to Sri Lanka's pristine beaches, the biodiversity of the Maldives' coral reefs, and the cultural richness of Bhutan and Nepal, this region offers a harmonious blend of history, nature, and spirituality.


Asia is home to a plethora of vibrant festivals that celebrate its rich cultural heritage. Some important festivals include:

  • Chinese New Year (Spring Festival): Celebrated across Asia, this event marks the lunar New Year with colorful parades, dragon dances, and fireworks.
  • Diwali (Deepavali): Known as the Festival of Lights, Diwali is a major Hindu festival celebrated in India and other countries in the fall. It features illuminated homes, traditional sweets, and fireworks.
  • Songkran: Thailand's New Year festival is famous for its water fights, symbolizing purification and renewal.
  • Holi: India's festival of colors signifies the arrival of spring, where people joyfully throw colored powders at each other.
  • Cherry Blossom Festivals: Held in Japan and South Korea, these festivals celebrate the blooming of cherry blossoms with picnics, music, and cultural events.
  • Naadam Festival: Mongolia's traditional July festival showcases "Three Manly Games" – wrestling, horse racing, and archery – reflecting nomadic culture.
  • Boun Pi Mai (Lao New Year): Celebrated in Laos, this water festival marks the start of the Lao New Year in April and features lively processions and water splashing.

These festivals showcase the diversity and vibrancy of Asian cultures, making them unique and memorable experiences for travelers. Because festivals in Asia are quite popular, be sure to plan at least a year in advance if you wish to travel during the festival time. 

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