Singita Kwitonda

Sitting snug between Volcanoes National Park and fertile agricultural land, Singita Kwitonda serves as a buffer between the two. Guests can renew and regenerate at this serene lodge in the shadows of Rwanda's misty mountains.  

Property Details 

At Singita Kwitonda Lodge, guests can choose between one-bedroom and two-bedroom suites and a four-bedroom villa. Meanwhile, volcanic rock paths link each room to the central lodge, which offers gorgeous views of the mist-laden wilderness beyond. Guests can enjoy spectacular sights of the Sabyinyo, Gahinga, and Muhabura volcanoes from many vantage points around the property. 

See the Gorillas

The lodge is named after Kwitonda, a silverback gorilla known for his gentle demeanor. An estimated 480 mountain gorillas find sanctuary in Volcanoes National Park, almost half of the total population. Singita Kiwitonda Lodge makes it easier to access these majestic creatures on treks through the thick forests. In addition, look out for golden monkeys, side-striped jackals, buffaloes, elephants, and a wide variety of birds. 

Sustainability & Conservation

Here, sustainability is the priority. Because of this, Singita developed the property using locally-sourced materials, as well as by engaging the local community to help with the project. 

Singita supports the Rwandan government’s conservation efforts to preserve the African wilderness and increase the number of gorillas in the wild for future generations. Over time, Singita plans to plant more than 60,000 tree saplings around the new lodge. Moreover, guests can join in on the conservation action too. 


A journey to Rwanda is also an opportunity to see how the country has recovered its painful past. Its people are warm and friendly and embrace visitors keen on learning about the wildlife that resides in their verdant countryside. 

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