Cristalino Jungle Lodge

Nestled in the southern Amazon next to a peaceful river, the Cristalino Jungle Lodge is a secret haven where the passion for unmatched service is surpassed only by the lodge's stirring desire to set the standard in conservation and sustainable tourism. Arrive to this enchanting jungle destination by way of canoe and discover the natural wealth of the region at a relaxing pace. 

Property Details 

Cristalino Jungle Lodge sits directly on the Cristalino River, secluded in two clearings among the emerald forest surrounds. Accommodations at Cristalino Jungle Lodge include three types of rooms and bungalows – each has been constructed using architectural styles that allow for natural ventilation, minimizing the need for climate control. Screened windows provide ventilation without allowing unwanted insect guests into your comfortable retreat. Superior Rooms feature a small veranda with hammock and private outdoor cool-water shower, while Private Bungalows are spacious enough for families and include an additional interior lounge area. 

Amazon Safari Experiences

Roughly 46 square miles of lush jungle encompass the Cristalino Private Reserve. An impressive concentration of endemic, threatened, and endangered species reside in this area, an absolute treat for naturalists and nature photographers. Over 600 species of birds make for choice bird watching and the tremendous butterfly population fills the air with flashes of color. River cruises reveal Brazilian tapirs and capybaras grazing along the banks, otters catching fish, lurking jungle cats and several species of monkey spying from the trees. Hike 22 miles of trails in various difficulties to see even more wildlife. Group activities are limited to no more than eight guests, ensuring an intimate experience for all. 

Shared Spaces

Between jungle explorations, relax in the Cristalino River at the lodge’s floating dock, an ideal spot for sunbathing and swimming. Meals at Cristalino Jungle Lodge are served buffet-style under a cozy thatched-roof patio, with dinner served by candlelight each evening. Climb the galvanized Canopy Tower to observe the different layers of the forest and watch jungle come alive at dawn and dusk – a breathtaking flurry of activity from 15 stories high. 

Eco-Forward Practices

Cristalino Jungle Lodge has made efforts to educate and enforce their eco-friendly policies in the region. Local outreach programs illustrate the importance of preservation while simultaneously empowering the communities, with proceeds from recycled goods invested back into the communities and ecosystem research in the region. Solar power at the lodge means generators are used sparingly and an advanced network of water treatment systems minimizes the impact on natural resources. Composting, responsible laundering and local food sourcing are further examples of the lodge’s simple practices designed to preserve and conserve this fragile habitat. 

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