With the fast-paced, high-speed life as today’s new norm, it’s no wonder that so many of us feel we just need to get away to a spa retreat. One of the best ways to slow your pace and feel a sense of calm is to plan your own wellness retreat journey. Feel immersed in serenity and good health at these wellness retreats around the world, where there is nothing on the agenda except relaxation. 

South Korea Spa Retreat

Jeju Island is a far-flung island that invites you to unwind. Soak in the mineral-rich waters of the volcanic island at the WE Hotel Jeju Island. Even just wandering through the towering pine forests is indeed therapy enough. In Seoul, the country’s frenetic capital, you will find a pocket of calm during a private spa treatment using one of South Korea’s legendary beauty brands. Learn how traditional medicine and teas promote well-being. Despite the country’s future forward-thinking, when it comes to wellness, traditional wisdom prevails. Our Korean Wellness Retreat suggested itinerary reveals all of the soothing spa secrets. 

Jeju Island Wellness Retreats

Peru Wellness Retreats

Awaken your inner spirit on a journey to Peru, one of Latin America’s most serene landscapes. Hiking, yoga, and meditation will leave you feeling completely zen in mind, body, and heart. Additionally, experience a music-filled Mother Earth ceremony, climb to the mystical Machu Picchu, and glide in the tranquil Amazonian waterways. 


Milky blue lagoons and mind-blowing landscapes make Iceland an absolute must for anyone looking for the best wellness retreats around the world. The steaming thermal waters and crashing waterfalls are enough to keep you smiling. And the food is not only nutritious, but it is also bursting with flavor. At The Retreat at Blue Lagoon, dip directly into the lagoon embraced by moss-covered lava fields. It’s an out-of-this-world experience that will send your head into the clouds. Experience it on our Southern Iceland Summer Adventure

retreat at blue lagoon


Succumb to an Andean treatment at the SachaJi Wellness Hotel & Retreat, melting away any worries you arrived with. Stretch your muscles during a jungle yoga session. Meanwhile, the songs of the exotic birds will soothe your ears. Breathe in the scent of roses at a plantation, blissfully connecting you to Mother Nature’s beauty. Ker & Downey’s Peru & Ecuador Wellness Journey is one of our favorite wellness retreats around the world. 

Costa Rica Wellness Retreat

Inhale calm and exhale stress at The Retreat, a super-luxe wellness property where you will kiss your problems goodbye. As if Costa Rica’s lush jungles weren’t stress-busting enough, this property’s ultimate goal is to fill your belly with life-giving food to re-balance your system. Breathe in the warm, tropical air while you meditate outside and sing the praises of this slice of heaven on earth. 

Wellness Retreats - Costa Rica


If lingering alfresco over glasses of vino and tapas isn’t dreamy enough, Spain has an additional dose of serenity at its wellness clinics that combine a pleasing itinerary of feel good activities. Indeed, the well balanced programs include fitness, healthy eating, and massages, all with the goal of not only shedding worries, but also setting back the clock on aging. 

Spain Wellness Travel

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