Trekking vs. hiking – what’s the difference? While hiking generally refers to long walks in a natural environment and usually on a trail, trekking, on the other hand, is more strenuous and often involves multiple days. Trekking is thrilling, strenuous, and sometime adrenaline-pumping. It is not adventure light. For the truly adventurous, we’ve gathered six of the best treks in the world.

Love seeing the world by foot, but short on time? We’ve got you covered with our best single-day hikes in the world.

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The Best Treks in the World

Palomani High Pass, Peru

The Andes Mountains are home to some of the highest peaks in the world. And Peru is a trekking mecca. It’s true, there are multiple trekking options in Peru worth considering. One of the most notable is the Inca Trail. But away from the crowds you can find some of the most beautiful landscapes in all of Peru. The Palomani High Pass sits at 17,000 feet above sea level. Largely unknown, the hike takes you through the Andean highlands to the town of Chillca, where a community of alpaca herders reside. Alpacas dot the countryside as you journey through the highlands, making your way up to the pass. As you come up to the pass, you are surrounded by many glaciers. At 17,000 feet, this trek is one featuring both beauty and reward and is a true secret of Peru.

Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest peak in Africa, yet its summit is very accessible. As such, it’s a bucket list climb for many adventure travelers. We recommend taking the Rongai Route on the northern side of the mountain. The seven-day climb is a slow ascent through pine plantations and Afromontane forests and has a high success rate. The final push has you reaching the rim around sunrise as you reach the Uhuru Peak, the Roof of Africa. With Ker & Downey’s Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro journey, local guides, cooks, and porters provide support during your trekking journey and at campsites along the way.

South Luangwa National Park Walking Safari, Zambia

South Luangwa National Park is Zambia’s premier wildlife destination and the birthplace of the walking safari. There’s a limited network of roads in the park, so most of the wildlife viewing is done on foot. Since safaris are catered to each client, time spent on a walking safari can vary each day. However, for the intrepid traveler, there are a few camps that make a nice walking safari circuit, trekking between the camps.

Jordan Trail, Best Treks in Jordan

The 400-mile Jordan Trail runs from Umm Qais in the north to the Red Sea in the south following along ancient trading routes. The “Inca Trail of the Middle East” passes through 52 villages along the Great Rift Valley and offers breathtaking views, archaeological sites relating to Jordan’s deep history and religious links like the 12th century Ajloun Castle–a site that witnessed the Crusades. You can trek the entire route, which takes about 40 days, or rather, choose to complete just one of eight sections. The most established trekking route runs from Dana to Petra.

Nepal Trekking

Nepal is home to some of the best treks in the world. Traveling to Everest Base Camp is a dream for many. But there’s so much more to trekking in Nepal than Everest Base Camp. Spend a week traversing through the rugged mountain terrain of the Annapurna Mountains. Its incredible scenery moves you forward each day. And at the end of a long day of trekking, retreat to comfortable mountain lodges for a refreshing night’s sleep.

Kenya Walking Safari

A walking safari gives you a chance to slow down and take in the world around you, especially in Kenya. Our Kenya Walking Safari itinerary centers around a camel-supported trek led by Samburu guides through the isolated and seldom-explored Laikipia region of northern Kenya. Following hearty breakfasts, morning treks meander to the next camp site, where you arrive at a lunch already prepared and tents waiting to welcome you in for a comfortable rest. Your guides seek out the very best places for sundowners and scenic views to further enhance the walking safari experience.

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