Palacio de Sal

Located in Colchani at the entrance of the magnificent Salar de Uyuni desert, Palacio de Sal Hotel's unique construction and otherworldly location promise an unforgettable stay. 

Property Details 

Palacio de Sal Hotel is built entirely out of salt in perfect harmony with the surreal surrounding landscape. We’re not just talking about the walls and ceilings of the hotel: even the tables and chairs are crafted from salt. The materials might be from the earth, but the service at Palacio de Sal Hotel is out of this world. You will be welcomed in the unique salt lobby, immediately making an impact and setting the tone for your adventure. Warm up by the fireplace with a glass of wine or hot beverage in the bar area. 

Relaxing Rooms

Take in views of the desert landscape from the spacious rooms with dome-shaped ceilings formed out of salt blocks. In contrast to the mostly chalky color of salt, each room features delicate touches of red, orange, green, and lilac alongside patterned rugs and wall hangings. 

Hotel Amenities

Satisfy your appetite in the dining room, featuring large windows that frame the vista. Cozy restaurant meals borrow from the landscape too, all of them prepared with local salt. The atmosphere around Palacio de Sal Hotel is already so serene, but if you are looking for more relaxation, head to the spa. The swimming pool is the main attraction with an all glass wall facing the vast expanse. Kick back on the loungers and just soak in the scene. Shop for Bolivian wool textiles in the boutique. 

Connection to Nature

Salar de Uyuni’s white canvas transforms into a palette of colors every sunset and sunrise. At night, the stars spread a bright blanket of glitter across the sky. Your experience at the Palacio de Sal Hotel will connect you with Mother Nature’s raw beauty. 

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