Journey to Japan

Join Ker & Downey on a fascinating journey to Japan spanning north to south. We share some unique highlights in Hokkaido, Teshima, and Tokyo.

There are so many reasons to visit this beautiful country: unique culture, amazing sites, excellent shopping, superb cuisine, and friendly people. Solo travelers, couples, friends, and families will all find something to enjoy in Japan.


Located in the north, Hokkaido is a little cooler and more isolated than the rest of the country, but that’s part of its allure. It’s a smaller, unspoiled island that isn’t frequented by as many visitors.

Cold weather is no match for the Noboribetsu hot springs. Bubbling pools of scalding hot water and powerful jets of steam bursting from vent holes, slicing through the winter chill. In the summer, the fields in Furano are covered in a blanket of lavender, the scent perfuming the air during relaxing hikes.

Hokkaido should go on any foodies’ map. Dine on incredibly fresh and absolutely delicious seafood. King and snow crab, sea urchins, squid, and scallops grace the frigid sea, and trout and salmon thrive in the sparkling rivers.

See hundreds of graceful cranes in the winter months at the Kushiro Japanese Crane Reserve. These magnificent birds are often featured in Japanese paintings. In the winter the speck of red on their elegant necks really pops against the crisp white snow.


The small island of Teshima is dotted with lovely villages and surrounded by the deep blue waters Seto Inland Sea. Art lovers will feel at home on this island. Wander through the Teshima Art Museum for fantastic views of the sea. The museum itself resembles a water drop and merges nature, art, and architecture together.

In nearby Nara, stay in Sasayuri-Ann, a renovated 150-year-old farmhouse manned by a Buddhist monk. Rest on tatami mats, dine on traditional low tables and chairs, participate in a tea ceremony, and canoe on the nearby lake. A Michelin-starred chef prepares delicious meals at this authentic ryokan. We suggest always including these traditional inns on a Japanese itinerary to really get a sense of the culture and warm hospitality.


Bustling and bright Tokyo is a great place for families, too. Private guides take you on cultural excursions to dress up as a geisha or take a ninja training class. Learn more about computer animation at the Ghibli Museum for Anime. Natural beauty can be found within reach of the city with the snow-capped Mount Fuji looming in the distance.

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