Product Manager Elizabeth Frels explains why you really can have it all with these new luxury hotels in Croatia.  


City or country? Central or remote? Packed or peaceful? 

When choosing the DNA of a vacation, these questions can often haunt travelers. What if someone wants to see as much as possible but do so without stress? What if another desperately needs to unplug yet also fill their cup?

That is what makes a destination like Croatia so ideal: You don’t have to choose.

Remote island paradises pair effortlessly with captivating city streets. Bustling UNESCO sites give way to forested hills, attractive national parks, and the limitless waters of the Adriatic.

Villa Dubrovnik

Luxury Hotels in Croatia

In Croatia, luxury hotel options saturate both the cities and the countryside, providing travelers with both central access as well as remote relaxation.

Take Villa Dubrovnik, for example. This modern boutique hotel offers it all: seclusion and privacy but also a location just a short walk from the Old Town of Dubrovnik, the historic heart of the Adriatic. So, not only can you explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site at your doorstep—with its narrow streets, small squares, iconic walls, and bustling boutiques and bars—you can also retreat from the buzz of it all in the comfort of your room, which opens onto a private balcony overlooking Dubrovnik’s red roofed buildings and the endless Adriatic. The sound of the waves, the smell of the century-old Mediterranean pines surrounding the property, and the inspiring panorama combine to whisk you away somewhere well beyond the city.

Perched along the rocky cliffs overlooking the sea, the “both / and” nature of the property reveals itself with its plethora of offerings. Do you want to escape to the nearby vineyards or sail to the Elafiti Islands to meet the native islanders? Or would you rather visit nearby Montenegro or explore Dubrovnik’s Old Town on a private walking tour? Perhaps you would rather go horseback riding through the surrounding villages or kayak along the coast?

Villa Dubrovnik

Again, you don’t have to choose. All of it is at your fingertips in Croatia.

The same holds true further afield as well. Much more remote yet no less impressive, Villa Nai 3.3 offers a completely different pace of life that finds its balance between land and sea. Located in the village of Žman on Dugi Otok Island, this eight-room haven sits at the intersection of beaches, cliffs, forests, and, most importantly, ancient olive groves.

Indeed, the olive remains at the core of the hotel’s identity: the 500-year-old grove produces the Morović family’s world-renowned Nai 3.3 olive oil, which is used not only in the kitchen but also at the spa.

What makes this hot spot truly unique, however, is its design. The geometric building constructed of excavated stone sits not on top of the earth, but underneath it, thus respecting the terrain in which it resides. The result is a kind of ecological luxury—the best that nature can offer.

And while this property certainly feels moored to its location, it is its location that makes it so advantageous to travelers looking for the whole package. The Kornati archipelago, the largest and densest island group in the Mediterranean, and Telašćica Nature Park, the outdoor capital of the region, reside nearby. What’s more, Villa Nai 3.3 sits at the midpoint between the city meccas of both Venice and Dubrovnik, placing you within striking distance of two of Europe's most inviting urban centers while still being in the middle of nowhere.

Villa Nai 3.3

See Croatia with Ker & Downey

So, the questions remain: Land or sea? City or country? Central or remote?  In Croatia, why not choose both? Our designers are at their best when creating a journey unique to you. To add one of these luxury hotels in Croatia to your next Ker & Downey journey, contact us to start planning. In the meantime, follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more travel inspiration.