When the weather gets dull and dreary in January, there's several places you can visit to escape the doldrums. In January, we think you should consider an adventure in Africa. It’s crowd-free and wild as can be. 

Year-Round at Kanana and Dinaka 

Usually Botswana camps close for annual leave, training, maintenance, and refurbishments. Luckily for safari-goers, Kanana and Dinaka plan to stay open year-round giving you all the more opportunity to get your fill of outdoor adventure. 

January Africa Adventures

These two camps pair perfectly, offering guests unique experiences in two of Botswana’s very different environments: the Okavango Delta and Central Kalahari.

If The Lion King has you inspired to see a safari for yourself, Botswana is a great place to start

Pop-Up Serengeti Camps

From December to March, a small tented camp near the Mara River in the Kogatende region sets up shop, and includes all of the services and hospitality you’d expect from luxury tented camps in the region. 

The catch: book fast, because the camp won’t be around for very long. Contact us our reach out directly to your designer to book. 

Click here to see a sample safari to Tanzania and Zanzibar. 

January Africa Safari - Tanzania

Escape the crowds on guided bush walks and game drives. Grab your camera, there’s a lot to capture: lions, rhinos, elephants, buffalo, hippo, and plentiful wildlife running, hopping, skipping, and jumping. 

Kids over the age of five can join this one-of-a-kind African adventure. Twin and double beds, mosquito netting, and safe boxes are available in your tents. Bucket showers and an en suite bathroom with bath amenities will refresh you after a day out on safari in this corner of Tanzania. 

Secret Season in Kenya 

Kenya’s secret season is just the time to go to Africa, starting your visit in one of the most unique places you will ever stay: Giraffe Manor. What could be more thrilling than a Rothschild’s giraffe’s long neck poking through a window to curiously check out what you are eating for breakfast? 

Next, head off to Solio Lodge. Its address couldn’t be more perfect. Nestled between the Aberdare Mountains and Mount Kenya, the views here are unmatched and the acacia forests are full of animals. Next up is Sasaab, where bathing elephants frolic in the flowing river. Since green season sees fewer travelers, you will have an even better opportunity for an exclusive safari experience. 

January Africa Safari - Kenya
Solio Lodge | The Safari Collection

Let us help you plan a tailor-made, memorable January Africa adventure. Contact a Ker & Downey designer to get your trip started. 


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