GHL Hotel Lago Titicaca

GHL Hotel Lago Titicaca rests on the shore of Lake Titicaca just five minutes away from Puno. It is therefore ideally located to explore the surrounding region and the Uros Islands nearby.

Property Details 

Tucked away on a private island called Esteves, the GHL Hotel Lago Titicaca is a hotel that excels in many areas -- service, comfort, and convenience, to name a few. However, visitors will find that one of the best things about the hotel is something different entirely: its 360 degree views. Indeed, its uninterrupted views of the highest navigable lake in the world promise some of the most magical sunrises and sunsets. 

Room Details

The rooms and suites at GHL Hotel Lago Titicaca are well-equipped with the comforts of home, with a modern and functional design that provides an indescribable level of relaxation. All boast air conditioning, televisions, and minibars. Peer out over the lake from the panoramic windows, and discover the wonder of spectacular sunrises and dazzling starscapes. The junior suites have two attached rooms joined by a living and dining area, ideal for families and groups traveling together. 


Set off from the hotel’s private dock to visit the local islands and observe regional culture and customs. After a day of adventuring and discovering the ancestry of the region, indulge in a visit to the hotel’s Jacuzzi, sauna, and steam bath. Enjoy drinks at the Taquile Bar before dinner at Restaurant Los Uros, where the chef creates mouthwatering delights combining international cuisine with Andean ingredients. Later, relax on the terrace and take comfort in the magnificence of the night sky. 

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