VIK Chile

VIK Chile sits perched atop Chile’s fertile Millahue Valley. This 22-room avant-garde design hotel melds Chile’s culture, art, wine, and terroir to create an innovative and holistic wine spa experience in the shadow of the Andes Mountains. 

Property Details 

Designed by Alexander and Carrie Vik with Marcelo Daglio, Vik Chile is a collection of 22 utterly unique suites marked by their pioneering design and extensive artwork. Art and design—showcased through murals, installations, sculptures, and paintings—collide with floor-to-ceiling windows to merge man-made masterpieces with nature’s undeniable beauty amid the 11,000-acre vineyard and its surrounding valleys, hills, and forests. Staying here is living in art, with each suite hyper-designed or themed by a different artistic mastermind and divided between 17 suites, four master suites, and one exclusive VIK Master Suite, featuring art by Antonio Sequi and James Turrell and a never-before-seen hammock inspired Vessel Bathtub suspended along a bay of windows. 

VIK Chile Master Suite - Luxury Chile Hotel
VIK Chile

Even in the convivial living spaces, Vik Chile impress. Outside, a floating, visually-arresting roof of bronzed titanium reflects the region’s iconic mountains and the work of Gehry and Serra, while inside, a wide range of art by Roberto Matta, one of Chile’s most beloved artists, and a diptych from Anselm Kiefer’s iconic “Secret Life of Plants” series decorate the walls. It is here where guests can savor delicious four-course gastronomic events utilizing ingredients grown on its doorstep, as well as uncanny swims in the cantilevered slate pool, extending its arm over the valley below to create the sensation of swimming above the vineyard. 

Touted as an immersive wine spa and vineyard retreat, Vik Chile is a destination for wine-centric experiences. Guests have an array of amenities at their fingertips, like private wine tastings led by international wine experts, horseback rides and mountain bike excursions through the surrounding vineyards, Chilean barbecues paired with VIK wine, and guided tours through the VIK Winery facilities. Chief Oenologist Patrick Valette and his team of wine professionals have come together to create some of the best wine this exceptional 11,000-acre terroir can offer, intensely studying the soil to determine its complex, elegant result. And it is not just reserved for imbibing. The Vik Chile wine spa incorporates VIK grapes into one-of-a-kind massage and body treatments to ensure a literal head-to-toe immersion into the delicious fruit. 

VIK Chile
VIK Chile

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