Luxury train travel represents one of the most elevated and exclusive travel experiences on the planet. Indeed, a journey by rail with Ker & Downey proves an altogether unique adventure.

One might think that the age of the train has passed. However, we are here to tell you that luxury train travel is indeed alive and well. Not only that — you can also experience it on several continents. Luxury operators have updated the storied trains of the past for the discerning travel of today. As such, many of Ker & Downey’s favorite trains feature expanded spaces and amenities alongside the best luxury accommodations.

Indeed, there’s a certain air of bygone glamour that can only be experienced on a train journey. Luxury train travel can include elevated overnight options that cover great distances while you sleep. They can also include iconic rails running throughout Europe. On these special journeys, you can connect several countries and choo-choo through centuries of history.

The below sample itineraries represent just a few of our favorite journeys by rail around the world. Allow the railways to transport you to the stunning deserts of Namibia and the lakes of Peru. In Europe, luxury train travel is perhaps at its most thrilling. Connect such powerhouse countries as Italy, Austria, France, and the UK aboard the iconic Belmond Venice Simplon-Orient-Express. Or escape to the Eastern reaches of Ukraine, Russia, and Mongolia on the famous Trans-Siberian railway. Would you prefer to experience just one country? We can do that too. Scotland, for example, offers a thrilling rail journey through its beautiful Highlands.

Luxury Train Travel with Ker & Downey

Whether it’s a multi-country sojourn or a shorter railway journey that inspires you to travel by train, Ker & Downey can arrange a customized itinerary that is sure to impress. Get inspired by our luxury train travel suggestions. Then contact us when you’re ready to embark on your own.