A journey by rail with Ker & Downey is an altogether unique travel experience. Luxury train travel is alive and well, and possible on several continents. Storied trains of the past have been updated for the traveler of today, often featuring expanded spaces and amenities on standard with the best luxury accommodations. It’s undeniable: there’s a certain air of bygone glamour that can only be experienced on a train journey. Luxury train travel ranges from the elevated overnight options that cover great distances while you sleep, all the way to the iconic rails running throughout Europe, connecting several countries and choo-chooing through centuries of history. Whether it’s a multi-country sojourn or a shorter railway journey that inspires you to travel by train, Ker & Downey can arrange a customized itinerary that is sure to impress. Get inspired by our luxury train travel suggestions, and contact us when you’re ready to embark on your own.