A Little Goes A Long Way

A Ripple Effect

When Ker & Downey was approached to help send 12 kids to school through the Ripples Foundation during the Covid-19 pandemic, we had no idea the impact it would make. It was a small mission with a big responsibility. While Covid-19 brought a full set of new challenges for the travel industry, it was even worse for the most vulnerable. Unfortunately, they are still picking up the pieces. It is estimated that 10.5 million kids worldwide lost one of both parents to COVID-19, with many of those kids in Africa. Apart from the hardships many kids in third-world countries face, one of the most devastating is medical related issues. Whether that’s the death of a parent due to a medical issue, their own medical challenges, or mosquito and insect-born illnesses, kids are often left orphaned with little hope. It is a great honor and responsibility that we have been asked to help with the school fees of 12 more children, 24 children in total.

Ripples 2024 Update from Ker Downey on Vimeo.

Making Waves

The Ripples Foundation not only helps orphaned children, but they also help the elderly, children with cancer, and take on individual projects like that of Ruth which we highlighted last year. We are happy to partner with them to ensure children do not get left behind. It’s a big mission, but with your support, we can help more children thrive. 

Each of these children has a story. Help us secure their future through continuing their education. Yearly tuition for each child depends on their age, but it averages around $200 US dollars per year.  We currently are sponsoring 24 kids, totaling a yearly tuition of just $6,154 USD.   

A Huge Congrats

We want to extend a big congratulations to Omara Oscar Peter who recently graduated with a diploma in civil engineering from the Uganda Technical Institute Elgon. 

Oscar lost his parents at 15 and could no longer attend school because he had to work. He became a porter at different construction sites in Kampala and happened to be working on a site owned by Mr. and Mrs. Kwesiga, founders of the Ripples Foundation. They reached out and gave him the opportunity to go back to school and put a roof over his head.  

Thanks to Ker & Downey’s contributions, he was able to graduate from the Technical Institute and will be getting his bachelor's degree in civil engineering at Kyambogo University in August. 

This is just one story of many of how Ker & Downey travelers make a direct impact in communities around the world.

Photo courtesy of The Ripples Foundation

How You Can Help 

Join us in making a difference today! Your support can change lives. Donate below and be a part of our mission to help those who need it most. Together, we can create positive change and transform communities. Act now and be the catalyst for a brighter future.

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