Up the Nile, down the Mekong, and beyond the shores of the world’s waterways, river cruises designed by Ker & Downey showcase global culture and history from a new perspective. Each of our handcrafted river cruises combines the best of both land and water.

Latin America

In Latin America, a luxury river cruise brings you up close to the wildlife of the Amazon. Furthermore, extensions on land promise additional animal encounters in the Galapagos or bucket list treks to Peru’s Machu Picchu.


In Africa, the rivers of Egypt and Botswana await. River cruises down the Nile take you from the towering pyramids of Giza to the beaches of the Red Sea. Land extensions can also include journeys through the Middle East and escapes to hidden desert oases. Meanwhile, a safari and cruise through Botswana, Zambia, and South Africa reveals some of the continent’s top highlights. Indulge in a Big Five safari, a luxury river cruise down the Chobe River, a visit to Victoria Falls, and a few days in cosmopolitan Cape Town.


Further east in Asia, river cruises along the Mekong and Mandalay rivers bring you up close to the untouched rural villages, inspiring temples, and genuine hospitality found along their shores. Extensions to the bustling cities and serene waters of Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Laos offer the perfect pairing.

European Luxury River Cruise

Finally, there are the river cruises of Europe — the crown jewel of the luxury river cruise offerings. From the wines of Bordeaux and the castles of the Loire Valley, to the Christmas markets of Austria and the tulips of the Netherlands, the experiences are endless on a European river cruise. Private tours in Romania, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Provence, and Russia are just a few of the exciting land extensions available with Ker & Downey.

Book River Cruises with Ker & Downey

No matter the destination, each of our river cruises and their companion extensions have been crafted with care. The Ker & Downey designers are ready with inspirational ideas for pre- and post-cruise options, too; so start planning and get in touch when you’re ready to customize your own unforgettable river cruise.