Kweza Craft Brewery, Rwanda's first craft brewery and a beacon of female empowerment, is not only crafting delicious beers but also paving the way for a more equitable future.

Women Owned, Women Led, Women Brewed

This women owned, women led, women brewed craft brewery was founded in 2016 by a team of passionate Rwandan women with a Kickstarter campaign. Kweza, which translates to "to rise" or "to emerge" in Kinyarwanda, embodies the spirit of female entrepreneurship. From brewing and managing operations to leading the company, Kweza's women are paving a way for women and proving themselves in a traditionally male-dominated industry.

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Their commitment extends beyond the brewery walls. Kweza sources ingredients locally, supporting Rwandan farmers, particularly women, who cultivate sorghum and other crops used in their unique brews. They also prioritize sustainable practices, ensuring their growth aligns with environmental responsibility.

But the true magic lies in Kweza's distinctive beers. They combine classic European styles with a Rwandan twist, using locally sourced ingredients like ginger, mangoes, and jasmine to create their flavorful brews. From their light ales and IPAs to their innovative sorghum beer hybrids, each sip tells a story of cultural fusion and female ingenuity.

Kweza's story is an inspiration, not just for aspiring female entrepreneurs but for anyone who believes in the power of collective action and community building. They are a testament to the transformative potential of women when they are empowered to dream big, brew boldly, and rise together.

Visit Kweza Craft Brewery in Rwanda with Ker & Downey

Do you want to visit Kweza Craft Brewery for yourself? Kweza Craft Brewery is located in Kigali, Rwanda and is easy to include on your next journey. When talking to your Travel Designer, be sure to mention you interest in visiting and supporting this women owned and led craft brewery.  In the meantime, follow us on Instagram for daily travel inspiration.


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