Below are some questions commonly asked by those who travel with Ker & Downey. If you have a question that is not covered below, send us an email and we will be happy to assist you.


Question: Can I change the suggested destinations or accommodations in your itineraries?

Answer: Of course. That’s what separates Ker & Downey from the other tour operators – you create your own special itinerary based on your style, desires, taste, and budget.


Question: Have you experienced the destinations and properties you recommend?

Answer: Yes, we have! Each of our luxury travel consultants ventures to their specialized destinations at least once per year. They encounter the luxury, style, activities, food, service, and the overall experience as if they were a client. Properties who pass our strict standards make the list. If you are interested in a property that is not on our list of suggested properties, just ask.


Question: Do you have any itineraries that would be fun for kids?

Answer: Yes, and you can view a few suggestions right here. We can arrange specific itineraries that are designed with children – whether younger or older children. Need babysitting services while you go on safari? Do you want private rooms for nannies, grandparents, or others traveling in your party? We can accommodate and recommend experiences for just about any family and budget.


Question: Is going on safari safe?

Answer: There is always a risk when you are in the bush and sighting wild game. However, Ker & Downey recommends only those safari lodges that employ knowledgeable and professional guides and trackers. Your safety is everyone’s highest priority at all times and you can rest assured that your guide and tracker are of the highest caliber.


Question: Can you add some incredible adventures to an itinerary?

Answer: From the mild to the wild, talk to your luxury travel consultant about adding adventures that will leave you breathless. White shark cage diving, zip lining through a Brazilian rainforest, a helicopter flight over Kruger National Park or into the isolated islands of the South Pacific – whatever you can dream up, we have what it takes to make your experience incredible and unforgettable.


Question: We would like to include destinations in our itinerary that are not on your website. Do you offer them?

Answer: Yes, we do. Our list of destination offerings is growing at a rapid rate and although you may not see it on our website, that doesn’t mean we can’t get you there with the same standards and expectations. Our world is big and emerging destinations are very specialized. Feel free to ask and we can customize and design whatever your heart desires.


Our skilled luxury travel consultants are here to help you. Talk to an expert and contact us today.

“Really nice job that you did putting this together for us. We recommend K&D whenever we can. I appreciate that lots of companies can schedule visits but you guys create experiences.”

— Tom P.

“It was a wonderful trip. The boys loved it and so did my daughter. I thank you for all you did to help me finally get there this time. You did wonderful things to make all the tour operators keep changing my dates. The two camps were of course my favorite and they did all they could to take care of us. I hope that some day I'll get to go again because I love seeing the animals.”

— Rikki

“Everything worked beautifully, thanks to all of your efforts and to the great contacts Ker & Downey has made in Peru. All of our guides, drivers, and transfer folks were prompt and courteous and very knowledgeable. We were in good hands from the time our plane touched down in Lima until our departure home. We loved Colca Canyon and are so glad you suggested it as our first excursion. That area was primarily pre-Inca so we were able to appreciate even the various civilizations leading up to the Inca’s reign by the time we got to Machu Picchu and the subsequent Spanish conquest where we ended in Cusco. All of the hotels were first class and everything could not have gone more smoothly. Once again, Ker & Downey provided us with a great travel experience.”

— Myra M. Houston, Texas


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