How many countries can you count on a globe? With 195 across the world, planning a trip can be a challenge. At Ker & Downey, we help you find the best destinations suited for your interests and we are always ready to suggest which countries should be on your upcoming year’s travel list. We have taken our top picks from AfricaLatin AmericaEuropeAsia, and the Middle East to help you plan your next great journey. Bon voyage!

Republic of Congo

The lungs of the world are rooted in the Republic of Congo. This African country has one of the world’s most vital rainforests, second only to the Amazon in size. Misty jungles open to glassy lakes where forest elephants gather to drink. Parrots dart through the humid air and western lowland gorillas munch on foliage in hidden clearings. Real adventure-seekers can visit the local villages to learn more about life in the depths of one of Africa’s best-kept secrets. See more of our Africa 2019 travel list >>


Sizzling samba, sandy beaches, and steamy jungles—Brazil has it all. Lay back on the Copacabana with a caipirinha or go in search of jaguars in the Pantanal. This Latin American gem is the fifth largest country in the world, so it’s going to take some time to see as much as possible. Let us help you plan a journey all your own, whether you want to dance the night away during the Carnival, or travel into the mountains with your family for a laid back retreat. Explore more of Latin America in 2019 >>


Montenegro is a tiny treat on the Adriatic Coast. The Balkans are a natural wonderland of rugged mountains, medieval villages, and pristine beaches. Its culture mix runs deep. Towering triangle-topped minarets and domed Orthodox churches mingle in such a small space. Often overlooked for Croatia, its neighbor to the north, Montenegro is equally as charming and not nearly as busy. Go under-the-radar in Europe >>


Terraced rice fields and turquoise bays; it’s the beauty of Bali or Thailand without the crowds. But Vietnam’s appeal extends beyond the natural. Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon, is a fast-paced city with a melange of French architecture, bustling markets, and glassy skyscrapers. Dig into Banh Mi—crispy baguettes filled with crunch pickles and meat—and sip on noodles soaked in warm broth. Vietnam will feed your desire for culture and history and your belly at the same time. See more of Asia in 2019 >>


Tunisia may have been temporarily forgotten, but it’s zipping straight back to the top of our travel lists in 2019. Beyond its coastal charms, this north African country reveals a treasured land of well-preserved Roman mosaics and maze-like medinas. Bargain for delicate painted plates and fragrant jasmine oil in the lively souks. Tunisia is a fascinating blend of the Middle East and Europe. You are likely to hear both the chatter of French and Arabic as you sip piping hot cups of tea infused with sprigs of mint and pine nuts. Bright pink florals meander up whitewashed walls, and cobalt arched blue doors welcome you to the land. It’s colorful in many ways you might not expect.


The “Land of Fire” is in the middle of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and its unique positioning has led to unique influences on its culture. The 12th-century defensive walls, old caravanserais, and 15th-century domes of the Shirvanshah Palace will take you on a trip back in time in the shadow of modern skyscrapers. Shop in high end stores and stay in top-notch hotels, all while digging into its ancient past. In the capital of Baku, the UNESCO-listed old core is a treasure of layers of Zoroastrian, Arabic, Persian, and Ottoman history. Outside the city, timeless rural villages are tucked within lush orchards and nestled beneath the soaring great Caucasus mountains. The oil-rich nation’s semi-deserts burst with mud volcanoes. The people of Azerbaijan are keen to welcome curious travelers who want to discover their beautiful country.

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