A getaway to Thailand and Cambodia in the summer and fall (May to September) is a refreshing respite into a lush world of verdant jungles and colorful festivals. These are some of the experiences you can access when you travel during green season in Southeast Asia. 

A Cool Time To Travel 

Refreshing rains, which don’t usually fall daily, make green season a comfortable and cooler time of year to explore Thailand and Cambodia. On our Northern Thailand Luxury Travel Adventure inspiration journey visit Chiang Mai and take in the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding mountains, valleys, and rice paddies of the Golden Triangle region. Learn some cooking secrets with a local chef and try your hand at making some of the sumptuous Thai dishes. In Chiang Rai, trek through the hills and meet the local tribes that live there or take a bike tour through the countryside. Wander through markets full of pungent spices in Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh, plus explore temples and savor fragrant Khmer cuisine in Siem Reap. 

A Quiet Time To Travel 

The mountainous rainforests of Koh Samu, a Thai island with palm tree studded beaches, luxury resorts, and spas, are not as busy in the summer and fall seasons, making travelers feel they are on a deserted island. Phuket, usually a bustling beach paradise, offers a slower pace, where travelers can unwind in a pampering session, shop in a boutique, and stroll along idyllic white sand beaches. On the private, luxury island of Song Saa, snorkel and scuba dive through tranquil aquamarine waters that host a rainbow of tropical fish and coral in the marine reserve. 

Green Season in Southeast Asia - Luxury Travel

During green season in Southeast Asia, churning waterfalls and swimming holes brimming with water are perfect for the adventure seeker wanting to get up-close to mother nature’s beauty and power. Our Intrepid Cambodia inspiration journey is a great balance of outdoor activity and peaceful relaxation. 

A Sacred Time to Travel 

Summer and early fall bring festivals like the Thai Buddhist Lent, when vibrant flags flutter on homes and offerings of flowers, candles, incense, and food are made at local temples. This is a spiritual time when locals take special care to follow a more ascetic lifestyle and saffron clad monks meditate in the temples. 

In September, spirit festivals and temple fairs offer an opportunity to participate in colorful parades, chat with locals, eat delicacies, and watch traditional dances. 

A glittering sea of thousands of lanterns light up the night sky during the lantern festival. Small floating lights surrounded by flowers, coins, and incense are also sent into rivers and lakes as a wish for good luck at the end of the rainy season. 

Travel To Southeast Asia During the Green Season

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