Magellan Explorer

The Magellan Explorer is a state-of-the-art Antarctica expedition cruise vessel. It specializes in transporting passengers on exclusive and immersive Antarctic air cruise adventures. This therefore allows guests to bypass the two-day cruise through the Drake Passage when they travel to Antarctica. What's more, the vessel only has capacity for 73 passengers, ensuring a personalized and comfortable journey to the Earth's southernmost frontier.

Property Details 

This best Antarctica cruise vessel offers an intimate and luxurious experience. Cabins aboard the cruise ship vessel exude comfort and style. From the cozy Veranda Cabins to the opulent Suites, each cabin comes equipped with premium amenities. This includes a private bathroom, individually controlled heating, and a sitting area.

Additionally, large windows or private balconies in most cabins offer guests the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking oceanic and Antarctic landscapes from the warmth and comfort of their own private space.

On-Board Amenities

The Magellan Explorer doesn’t just excel in luxury accommodations. It also provides a range of amenities designed to enhance the Antarctic travel experience. In between excursions, guests dine on delicious meals in the dining room. They can also unwind in the observation deck and lounge, a panoramic spot ideal for wildlife viewing and ice-scape admiration.

The ship also features a gym, sauna, and a medical clinic--a unique feature on an Antarctic expedition. The library plays host to several polar books and maps. Furthermore, the lecture theater is the venue for engaging presentations by expert polar guides and scientists.

Excursions and Activities

Activities on the Magellan Explorer are tailored to offer guests an immersive Antarctic adventure. The expedition team leads shore landings and zodiac excursions around the Antarctic peninsula. As such, this allows guests to step foot on the continent, visit research stations, and come close to wildlife, including penguins, seals, and whales. Kayaking and hiking opportunities are also available for the more adventurous visiting Antarctica.


Finally, sustainability remains at the core of the Magellan Explorer’s operations. The ship uses low-emission engines and has a dynamic positioning system to avoid anchor damage to the seabed. It also treats and discharges its water in accordance with the strictest regulations. Its commitment to preserving the pristine Antarctic environment ensures that guests not only have a memorable journey but also a responsible one.

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