We’ve been hand-crafting journeys for over 50 years with the simple goal of showing you the true spirit of a destination and then letting you delve into it hands-on.


Ker & Downey Guatemala

Each Ker & Downey itinerary features a world of exclusive destinations and luxury properties, custom-designed and individualized to produce the trip of a lifetime. With us, each start-to-finish detail is expertly executed so you can focus on what matters most: diving into the journey ahead.

UK Family Holiday

UK Family Holiday

Family-friendly accommodations, secret countryside escapes, and plenteous splashes in both thermal and ocean waters are all hallmarks of this 10-day adventure. [...read more]

Ken and Nicole's Safari in Botswana

Ken and Nicole’s Safari in Botswana

There are several reasons why we love a safari in Botswana. Among them are the authentic safari experiences found at the exclusive camps and properties. Ker & Downey designers Nicole Porto and Ken Hermer made a trip there recently. [...read more]