Summer is quickly approaching and the world is now open for international travel once again. As you can imagine, there are many questions. We are therefore answering your most asked questions about summer travel.

Your Most Asked Summer Travel Questions

Do I need to be vaccinated to travel?

Yes and no. Many destinations have plans to roll out vaccine requirements, while others will allow travel with a PCR test. And some may require both! Your Ker & Downey destination expert can answer questions about the best destination for you to visit for summer travel based on vaccination restrictions.

What destinations are open to US travelers for summer travel?

Each country listed in our summer travel guide is currently open to US travelers. While requirements may differ, we recommend speaking with our destination specialists for the most up-to-date summer travel information.

I want to travel but want flexible booking terms. What are my options?

We are committed to providing the utmost flexibility based on the guidelines of our local partners, guides, and accommodations. Of course, we’re happy to work with you on flexibility on a case-by-case basis, depending on where you are traveling.

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Other resources:

CDC guidelines on International Travel

*All of the above is subject to change based on government regulations at the time of booking.

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