COMO Shambhala Estate

Escape to Bali and find the ultimate in relaxation and tranquility at the spa retreat and resort, the Como Shambhala Estate. Tucked away in the tropical oasis of Bali, Indonesia, the Como Shambhala Estate strives for every detail to reflect total healing and calm of body, soul, and mind. 

Property Details 

From the water source drawn from “The Spring”, a natural spring locally respected for bringing healing, to the thoughtful design of each room and villa, the COMO Shambhala Estate is the ultimate spa destination. With a wide range of facilities for cultivating an atmosphere of relaxation and luxury, the hotel offers its guests a quiet retreat in an unforgettable location. 

Each room and suite at the estate is different, but reflects the overall theme of wellness with bright, airy linens and natural wood finishes and designs. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow the verdant forested views to be enjoyed from every angle. Located in the freestanding Residences, rooms and suites have access to the shared pool, common lounges, and shaded porches of the building. COMO Shambhala Suites serve as the master suite in each Residence, enhanced by Indonesian antiques and a private Jacuzzi. 

COMO Shambhala Estate Spa Retreat

The COMO Shambhala Estate, as a completely-immersive holistic health and spa retreat, offers guests the very best in wellness treatments. The estate employs experts such as a yoga teacher, an Ayurvedic doctor, and an on-site nutritionist to help visitors feel their best and reach their full potential. The grounds also feature an extensive gym, hiking activities, and refreshing hydrotherapies in the chlorine-free Vitality Pool fed by the mineral-rich Spring. The varied menu of indulgent spa treatments, massages, and beauty services further enhance the complete state of wellbeing that the skilled therapists and staff help every guest achieve.

Dining options at COMO Shambhala focus on helping visitors achieve wellness by being conscious and happy with what they are eating. Options include Indonesian cuisine at the Kudus House, balanced meals focused on maximum body performance and nutrition, and Ayurvedic diet plans planned by the expert staff. There are many ways to enjoy meals, whether it is by porch side picnic or in the estate’s elegant and scenic dining rooms. 

como shambhala estate

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