Our May Travel Report by Tiffany Dunn, Ker & Downey’s Director of Sales and Operations

We are continuing to see travel trend upward during the month of May. In a recent survey by Ker & Downey, of the people polled, 80% said the rollout of the vaccine affects their plans to travel internationally. This is great news as it shows the rollout of the vaccine has directly impacted the future of travel this year. As vaccines become more readily available around the world, the more we will see countries begin to open fully and travel to increase worldwide. Hooray! 

Before we jump into the updates from May, let’s take a look at what’s ahead.

Looking Ahead to Future Travel

As we move into the summer travel season, we are excited about the trips our team has planned. Ker & Downey President, David Marek, is off to South Africa and Zambia with a group of 10. This trip was postponed due to the pandemic, so we are excited to see them finally be able to travel. Nicky Brandon, our Vice President of Sales and Business Development, will be spending the entire month of June on a workcation in South Africa. While there, she will be visiting with some of our partners at favorite properties like Grootbos Private Nature Reserve. Also, during the first couple of weeks of June, Ker & Downey designer Trista Gage is off to Ecuador and the Galapagos with her family. Be sure to check back for trip updates upon her return.

May Travel Report:


After a brief closure to get a better handle on the second wave, Kenya has reopened to US travelers who have a negative PCR test. Additionally, their neighbor Tanzania has begun taking the pandemic more seriously. Vaccination availability for the elderly, first responders, and front-line workers is ramping up. In other exciting news from Africa, Zimbabwe announced that they have reached herd immunity in Victoria Falls. 77% (and rising) of its local population has been vaccinated. Zimbabwe has been leading the pack in Southern Africa with its decision to include tourism industry workers in the first round of vaccinations. This certainly makes it an attractive destination moving forward. 


Following on the heels of France’s announcement last month, some more heavy hitters in travel have either opened or have plans to open soon. On May 16th, Italy announced it is now open to all international travelers arriving on special COVID-free flights. Likewise, Ireland is looking at welcoming vaccinated visitors come July 19th. Other European countries like Croatia, Slovenia, and Montenegro are already open to travelers meeting certain testing or vaccination requirements. Additionally, several of our favorite small barges in Western Europe are operating. These are great alternatives to the larger cruise ships because they carry only 8-10 people. 

Latin America

Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, Costa Rica, and Guatemala are all excellent destinations that have been open for a while. We either have had clients travel to these places recently or have clients or Ker & Downey staff traveling there soon. If you are still looking to plan a last-minute summer trip or a trip in the fall, these are great destinations to consider.  

May Travel Report - Galapagos Islands

As always, we are available to answer any questions you might have as the world continues to reopen to travel.

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