The southern region of Africa provides a breathtaking playground for exploration, education, and memories to be made for families of all sizes and ages.

Whether you have young children or teenagers or are traveling with older adults (or all of the above!), a Botswana safari will be one of your family’s most memorable vacations ever.

Curious how Botswana offers a multigenerational safari experience? Here’s what you need to know.

A Botswana Luxury Safari for All Ages

Many aspiring safari adventurers wonder if their children will be bored on this type of trip. Our answer is a resounding Absolutely not! Botswana safaris offer so many enjoyable activities for adults and children alike.

Take the kids fishing, boating, on game drives to see incredible animals, on quad rides, or camping in the bush to get a firsthand look at nature up close. Most game drives are for children over 6 (some do allow younger children), but many camps and lodges offer toddler-friendly activities for younger children.

When researching various luxury safaris, simply list the ages of your children so your Travel Designer can book accommodations that will suit your entire family, including the littlest ones.

For the older adults in your family, game drives are a great way to experience a new place and get a close-up view of the Big 5 without having to perform strenuous physical exercise. Many people aren’t able to make the trip to Africa until later in their lives, so the camps and excursions are designed to be friendly and enjoyable for individuals of all ages and abilities.

Sharing a Luxury Botswana Safari with Your Family

When was the last time your family got together to share a vacation? We understand how challenging it can be to coordinate flights, book accommodations, and plan itineraries, particularly in a place you may have never been before. Even the thought of planning an African safari trip makes your head spin!

That’s why the team at Ker & Downey takes the guesswork and stress out of planning safari adventures. Our designers handle all the bookings, transfers, accommodations, private tours, and any other activities your group would like to experience.

Many of our clients enjoy unique tours and activities that aren’t even available to the general public, thanks to our access and connections in Botswana. There are many advantages to booking a luxury safari with Ker & Downey!

When planning a Botswana safari experience with your family, consider the following:

  • What the older adults want to see and do;
  • What types of accommodation they would be most comfortable in;
  • How active and healthy they are; 
  • Any special amenities you’ll need when caring for young children or toddlers;
  • If you’d like child-minding services at your lodging; and 
  • Hotel amenities your group prefers, such as pools, spas, kids clubs, etc.

When embarking on a safari experience, it’s important to have an open mind and encourage your children and older family members to do the same! Many luxury lodges and villas are more suited for young families with amenities that will help keep your kids comfortable. 

If your family is more outdoorsy and adventurous, Botswana is home to many lovely tented camps. Here, take in the stunning night sky, and share in the magic of nature with the people you love most.

Interested in utilizing Ker & Downey for booking a luxury Botswana safari experience? We’ll take great care and consideration of your party size and the ages of all your family members to ensure everyone has a comfortable and memorable trip to Africa. 

Book a Luxury Botswana Safari with Ker & Downey

Don’t miss your chance for a once-in-a-lifetime journey to southern Africa with your family! Travel to Botswana with Ker & Downey. Contact your designer to start planning the trip of a lifetime today.