Ker & Downey designer Catherine visits some of the national parks in the Western United States in search of the American West’s best wildlife.


For years, I have dreamt of seeing the Western United States. The real west, full of mountains and wildlife, and cowboy culture. On my bucket list was to see wildlife, especially a buffalo at Yellowstone National Park. I also really wanted to spot a bear. When I finally had the chance to go, I checked off those items and then some. 

Yellowstone National Park 

I started out early one morning with my guide, and we headed into Yellowstone by the West entrance. My guide told me he has been coming to Yellowstone since he was six years old, spending 2-3 weeks in the park every year with his parents and later his own children, and now his grandchildren. After spending so much time in the park, he told me he ‘just goes by gut’ and gets a good feeling of where the wildlife can be found. 

I shared with him my hope to see a buffalo. He very kindly explained that they are not actually buffalo, but bison. Buffalo only live in Africa and Asia! They have been so often called buffalo that it is now completely acceptable, even if not accurate. My one wish became to see a BISON. Within less than 15 minutes, I met one coming down the road. 


And then the fields opened up to a stunning vista. It was incredible! 

We spent an amazing day exploring the park, seeing the jaw-dropping views of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, Grand Prismatic Spring and of course, Old Faithful. At one point a grizzly bear crossed our path! I was too shocked to get my camera out. Second item of wildlife checked in the western United States! We saw tons of coyotes, elk, and birdlife throughout the day. 

Jackson Hole 

The following day, I drove through the park myself as I headed down towards Jackson Hole. Truly, I did not see a single animal. Not one! 

Though I was looking out, I was focused on the road. It made me realize what a valuable thing it is to have a guide who can bring you around to see the highlights and who is especially keen at spotting the wildlife. 

I arrived in Jackson Hole and the following morning, I met my guide before sunrise. We headed out along the Moose-Wilson road just as the sun was coming up on the Tetons making them gleam in orange and purple. It was the most amazing scene – and then we spotted a mama black bear and her cubs. 


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We got to watch them for a good ten minutes as the mother lead her babies up the hill. I learned so much about bears that morning from my guide, who had spent years learning and researching them and toting a fantastic collection of articles about the favorite resident bears in the area. I later met up with my cousin for dinner. After living in Jackson Hoel for nine years, she said she’d only seen a bear once, so it was certainly a treat to see the mama bear and her cubs. 

We continued on to Mormon Row to take a picture of the famous barn. There, we spotted antelope that can run up to 60mph. On the way back out, a moose was crossing the road right in front of us. 

My time in the parks was the most amazing experience. On top of the incredible scenery in every direction, I was so grateful to both of my guides. They not only showed me, but taught me about the wildlife in the western United States, their habitats, and life cycles. I am so excited to go back with my family and show them, too. 

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