Traveling abroad is quite an adventure, but if you’re exploring a new place (or a new continent) it can be challenging to know where to begin. Don’t let this stop you from daydreaming about your next trip to Southern Africa—we can help make it a reality.

Interested in embarking on a Botswana safari? We’ve got everything you need to plan an unforgettable trip to Africa with your loved ones in this post!

Botswana Luxury Safari Recommendations

Consider the Time of the Year

Most will tell you that Botswana is ideal from May to September, but the seasons are a bit different than in the United States. Summer occurs from November to March with scorching temperatures and unpredictable rain.

Winter in Botswana begins in May and ends in August, and many travelers prefer to visit during this time. Winter is dry, cool, and sometimes warm, making it a pleasant time of year to explore and spend time outdoors.

Party Size

How many people will you be traveling with? Consider the family members or friends you’ll be visiting Botswana with as you navigate your plans. Ker & Downey has access to every type of accommodation, from family-friendly camps to exclusive-use lodges, depending on the group’s travel preferences.

What You Want to See

If you have certain things you’d like to experience while in Botswana, keep these in mind as you begin to plan your adventure.

For example, if you love birding, you’ll want to know when these opportunities are most ideal (mid-October). If you’d like to witness the Great Zebra Migration, know that it occurs from December to January and again from March to April.

Prepare for the Lifestyle

Botswana follows a “low volume” tourism model to preserve the wildlife and the surrounding areas, so your time spent in the country will be calm and relaxing. You will truly feel like you have the place to yourself—you won’t be bumping into other travelers. The local residents enjoy a much more laid-back lifestyle, and you’ll do well to adapt to this same frame of mind. Sit back, relax, and see what Botswana has to offer you on your safari adventure.

Trip Duration

While you certainly don’t have to nail down specifics, it’s helpful to know how long you’d like your Botswana safari to be. Ker & Downey offers journeys at different durations, including 14 days, 11 days, 12-day family safaris, and much more. The amount you will be able to see will depend on how much time you can give to your trip.

Booking a Luxury Botswana Safari

Whether you’re visiting for the first time or you’ve been to Africa before, booking a luxury Botswana safari is one of the most memorable ways to experience the natural beauty, stunning wildlife, and diverse landscapes that Africa has to offer.

Ker & Downey makes booking a luxury Botswana safari simple by handling all the coordinating so you don’t have to. You’ll specify what type of accommodations and amenities you’d prefer, the daily budget per person, and other important details about your trip.

Our Travel Designers will then create a completely custom travel plan including all accommodations, experiences, tours, transfers, private visits, and other activities you’d like to experience while in Botswana.

For example, we can coordinate quiet mokoro excursions along the narrow Delta channels, horseback riding safaris for advanced riders, and tour extensions into South Africa and Victoria Falls. Experience the magic of Botswana at night by sleeping under the stars on a private deck. 

Why settle for anything less than luxury for your trip to Botswana?

Experience this magical region of Africa the way it was meant to be explored—with maximum comfort as you interact with wildlife and take in the pristine landscapes of this stunning location.

Book a Luxury Botswana Safari with Ker & Downey

Don’t miss your chance for a once-in-a-lifetime journey. Travel to Botswana with Ker & Downey. Contact your designer to start planning the trip of a lifetime today.