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Ker & Downey breaks down the key tourism regions in the country to ensure an effortless trip. This is Ker & Downey's ultimate Italy Travel Guide, with an Italy map including seasons and travel tips. 

All About Italy

Italy is one of those countries you could spend a lifetime exploring and still not see it all. 

From the snow-capped peaks of the Dolomites, down to the warm sandy beaches of Sardinia, each region offers a different taste of the varied Italian landscape. Indeed, with so many options to consider, planning a vacation to Italy might seem a bit daunting. 

However, Ker & Downey's Italy guidebook offers an overview of each region throughout Italy. We also highlight some of our favorite experiences found in each region.

Ker & Downey has exclusive access to specialized guides and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Therefore, planning your next dream vacation promises to be a snap.

Italy Regions 

From north to south, Italy's topography runs the gamut. Therefore, we divided the country into five key regions: 

  • Northwest Italy
  • Northeast Italy
  • Central Italy  
  • Southern Italy
  • The Islands

Italy Travel Guide - Ultimate Italy Guidebook - Maps, Facts, Top Places & Itineraries


Northwest Italy Travel Guide

Iconic destinations like Cinque Terre and Lake Como complement the truffles of Piedmont and the fashion of Milan. 


  • High Season: Late-December through February & July through August 
  • Shoulder Season: March & September 
  • Low Season: April & June & October 
LIGURIA (The Italian Riviera, including Portovenere & Cinque Terre) 
  • High Season: July through August 
  • Shoulder Season: June & September 
  • Low Season: April through May & October 
LOMBARDY (Milan & Lake Como)
  • High Season: April through June & September through October  
  • Shoulder Season: July through August 
  • Low Season: November through March 
  • High Season:
    • October through Early December for truffle & wine experiences
    • Late-December through February for winter sports
    • July through August for summer outdoor pursuits
  • Shoulder Season:
    • March for winter sports
    • September for summer outdoor pursuits
    • May through June for wine experiences
  • Low Season: April & October 
  • High Season: April through June & September through October 
  • Shoulder Season: July through August 
  • Low Season: November through March 


  • Cities of art and architecture, including Genoa, Turin, Parma, and Bologna. 
  • The fashion and opera capital of Milan, which also houses the famous The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. 
  • Coveted truffle and wine experiences in Piedmont in the autumn months. 
  • Michelin starred dining and VIP Motor Valley access in Emilia-Romagna. 
  • The colorful cliffside houses of the Italian Riviera, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Cinque Terre and Portovenere are also some of Italy's most visited sites.
  • Private boat excursions on Lake Orta, Lake Maggiore, and Lake Como. 
  • Thrilling winter and summer sports in the Italian Alps. 
Explore Northwest Italy

Secrets of Switzerland & Northern Italy

From the shores of Lake Geneva and the mountain panoramas of Lucerne to the legendary retreat of Lake Como and the high fashion of Milan, this 11-night journey offers a sample of all that is possible when two of Europe’s most beautiful countries collide.

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Northeast Italy Travel Guide

The dramatic backdrop of the Dolomite Mountains flank sparkling mountain lakes. Meanwhile, cities like Venice and Verona provide plenty of charm. 


VENETO (Venice and Surrounds) + FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA (Trieste) 
  • High Season: June through August 
  • Shoulder Season: April through May & September through October 
  • Low Season: November through March 
TRENTINO & SOUTH TYROL  (The Dolomites Region) 
  • High Season: Late-December through February & July through August 
  • Shoulder Season: March & September  
  • Low Season: April & June & October 


  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites including Venice and its lagoon and the City of Vicenza. Additionally, the Val Camonica archaeological site and The Dolomites (Italian Alps). 
  • Several cities of art and architecture, such as Venice, Treviso, Padua, Verona, and Vicenza. 
  • The Dolomites, a hikers’ and skiers’ paradise, boast dramatic scenery: crystal clear lakes surrounded by pine forests. Hikers, mountaineers, and rock climbers will revel in the warmer months. Meanwhile, skiers and winter sports enthusiasts will enjoy activities available from November through March.
  •  Great off the beaten track food and wine experiences, especially around Lake Garda and Friuli-Venezia Giulia. 
Northern Italy Luxury Travel Northern Italy Lakes & Mountains Dolomites & Lake Garda Italy Vacation Package FEATURE
Explore Northeast Italy

Northern Italy Lakes & Mountains

Travel to Northern Italy's lakes and mountains, from the Dolomites to Lake Garda over 12 perfect days. Explore the canals of Venice and the natural wonders of the Dolomites. Then relax along the shores of Lake Garda and shop in the fashion capital of Milan. Along the way, venture to hidden wine roads and uncover local cultural traditions. All the while, immerse yourself in the unique beauty of the north.

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Central Italy Travel Guide

The famed Tuscan countryside with its rolling hills and vineyards comes second only to the stunning art of Florence and ancient history of Rome. 


  • High Season: May through September 
  • Shoulder Season: April & October 
  • Low Season: November through March 


  • Italy's capital city of Rome, a treasure trove of history, prime for mythological scavenger hunts and private historical tours. 
  • The art and architecture of Florence – indeed, a symbol of the Italian Renaissance. Highlights include the Piazza Duomo, the Uffizi Gallery, the Ponte Vecchio, and Galleria dell'Accademia, home to the famous statue of David. 
  • The wine-, truffle-, and olive-laden hills of Tuscany and Umbria. 
  • The Medici Villas and Gardens scattered throughout Tuscany. 
  • Enchanting villages such as Tivoli, Orvieto, Pisa, Lucca, and Siena – a well-preserved medieval city within the Chianti countryside that is also home to the famous Palio di Siena. 
  • The major pilgrimage town of Assisi, the birthplace of St. Francis – also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
Classic Italy Private Tour FEATURE2
Explore Central Italy

Classic Italy Private Tour

Ker & Downey captures all of Italy’s highlights on this 11-night luxury Classic Italy Private Tour. The best of Rome, Florence, Tuscany, and Venice are within easy reach when you allow Ker & Downey to personally curate the luxury Italy tour of your dreams.

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Southern Italy Travel Guide

Italy's toe and heel encapsulate memorable riches. Favorites include Naples and the Amalfi Coast to the west and Puglia and Matera to the east. 


  • High Season: July through September 
  • Shoulder Season: April through May & October 
  • Low Season: November through March (for Art Cities and History) 


  • The Amalfi Coast, with its terraced vineyards and orchards and colorful hill towns. This includes Amalfi, Positano, Salerno, and Ravello. 
  • Day trips by private boat to the charming isle of Capri, located off the Amalfi Coast. 
  • The Archaeological region of Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Torre Annunziata. Indeed, these UNESCO World Heritage Sites provide frozen-in-time insights into ancient Roman life. 
  • Exclusive Italian food and wine experiences. Highlights include the pizza of Naples, the limoncello of Amalfi, and the vineyards of Pompeii. 
  • Wandering through the whitewashed towns of Puglia. Don't miss Cisternino, Locorotondo, Ostuni, and Alberobello with its more than 1,500 trulli huts featuring their iconic grey cone-shaped roofs. 
  • The troglodyte cave dwellings of Matera (also known as the subterranean city). Yet another UNESCO World Heritage Site, Matera is famous for its rock churches, cave houses, water collection systems, and cellars dug in caves.  
Luxury Southern Italy Tour HERO
Explore Southern Italy

Luxury Southern Italy Tour

Ker & Downey highlights luxury travel to Southern Italy with this inspiring 12-night journey. Iconic cities and quiet hidden corners are the hallmarks, while the wonders of Rome, Naples, Puglia, and Matera are revealed.

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The Islands Travel Guide

Balmy breezes, beaches, and turquoise water surround mesmerizing Sardinia and history-laden Sicily. 


  • High Season: June through September 
  • Shoulder Season: April through May & October 
  • Low Season: November through March 


  • Luxury sailing excursions along the northern coast of Sardinia. Don't miss the hidden coves, pink beaches, and famous Budelli pools of La Maddalena National Park, an enchanting archipelago. 
  • Region-specific cooking classes, wine tastings, and culinary discoveries; for example – Bronte on Sicily, the birthplace of the pistachio. 
  • Neptune’s Cave, the most famous and largest cave system on Sardinia, only accessibly by boat from Alghero.  
  • Several cities of art and architecture, such as Cagliari and Alghero on Sardinia and Palermo, Agrigento, Ragusa, Catania, Taormina, and Siracusa on Sicily. 
  • Fascinating Mount Etna, the highest volcano in Europe, best explored by 4x4. 
  • The ancient Agorà, Greek-Roman Theater, Aphrodite’s Temple, and Roman Thermal Baths of Taormina, lovingly known as the Pearl of the Ionian Sea. 
  • Private storytelling tours through the Valley of the Temples, one of the most prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 
  • The unique Arab-Norman architecture and culture of Palermo, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
  • Exclusive artisanal and musical workshops in local studios. 
Islands Of The Mediterranean FEATURE
Explore the Islands

Islands of the Mediterranean

Ker & Downey’s Islands of the Mediterranean is the perfect way to experience the beauty of Mediterranean island hopping. Over the course of 12 nights, uncover the treasures and wonders of three of the Mediterranean’s most enigmatic islands: Sardinia, Sicily, and Malta.

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