As the world begins to open back up and lift the COVID-19-related travel restrictions, we recommend traveling to a single country. Besides the ease of logistics, you’ll reap the benefits of spending more time in one place. See more of one country and discover what makes it special with Ker & Downey.

Can you imagine walking into Hamilton, the boundary-breaking musical, three-quarters of the way through the second act, and trying to catch up? Sure, you’d still see part of a fantastic show, but you would have missed all the character development and context leading up to the finale. In the words of Angelica Schuyler (Alexander Hamilton’s sister in law), you would “never be satisfied” when you left. 

Similarly, traveling to a country and just seeing one part of it causes you to miss out on all the country has to offer. It’s like traveling to Kenya and only seeing the Masai Mara. Or traveling to Italy to visit Rome, but missing Cinque Terre and Venice. While the Great Migration through the Masai Mara and Rome are incredible things to see and places to visit, there’s so much more to the destination that you miss when you only spend a few days there. 

Mara River Crossing Kenya Migration Safari Ker & Downey

Don’t get us wrong – we love multi-country itineraries, but there’s also a lot of value in spending more time in one single country. Instead of rushing through the top sites, you get to take time to experience more of what makes the destination unique. You get more time to interact with the people and soak in the culture. 

Just imagine what you could see if you stayed put.

“Several years ago I had the opportunity to live in Italy for three months. While I spent several extended weekends traveling around Europe, the majority of my time was spent exploring Italy. Because of that, I was able to see the “highlights” of Italy like Rome, Venice, Florence, and the Amalfi Coast. However, I also got to spend time in some of the lesser-known towns like Cortona, Arrezzo, Ravenna, and Montepulciano.

I spent many Saturdays exploring Florence, just an hour from where I was studying. I can still see in my mind’s eye exactly how to get to my favorite dried fruit stand even 14 years later. It’s because I spent so much time there that I remember and cherish those little details. The Duomo, of course, was incredible. But it was the dried fruit that kept me going back for more.” – Haley, Assistant to the Director of Marketing

Tuscany Italy - Ker & Downey

Spending three months in one place isn’t a luxury that most of us have. But you get the point. There is value in spending more time in one place and really getting to know what makes it special. 

Take Rwanda, for example. Rwanda is known for its mountain gorillas. But you’ve probably never heard of Akagera National Park, which shares a border with Tanzania. The famed Serengeti of Tanzania spills over into Akagera. Within the last five years, the park has gone through massive rehabilitation, successfully bringing in lions and rhinos. What was once an “add on destination” to see the gorillas and primates has become a full safari experience that includes the Big Five. However, it remains largely uncrowded.

With flights directly into Rwanda from major International Airports, Rwanda is an excellent choice for a single country destination.

Akagera National Park - Rwanda Safari - Ker Downey

At Ker & Downey, we’ve been traveling like this for years. Our employees are well-traveled in many countries around the world. However, most of them are specialists in a select few destinations. That means they haven’t just traveled there once. They’ve returned to a destination multiple times to really get a deeper understanding of its people, culture, sites, and what makes it unique. That’s why they can expertly tailor an itinerary to your desires. They know what makes each place special and what you should do to make the most of your time there. 

To take the pressure off of planning and experience in the world in a new way, contact a destination specialist. For more travel inspiration, follow us on Instagram.