Meet Rachel Morris, world traveler. Rachel has been to 34 countries, so it’s hard for her to pin down a favorite place to travel. We chatted with Rachel to find out more about what sparks her wanderlust.

Why are you a world traveler?

To experience something different from everyday life. It could be the culture, cuisine, or landscape. Everything from the food in Chiang Mai, architecture in Paris, the infinite blues of Bora Bora, or the wild traffic in New Delhi. Each place hits different to the senses and that’s why I love it.

Rajasthan's Jaipur and Udaipur - Ker & Downey - India

What’s one of your most memorable travel moments?

My best friend and I went on a trip to Greece and Italy. We had both traveled throughout Europe, but this was the first time we had traveled abroad for more than a week with only one other person. I had recently become a full-time travel agent. This was the first personal trip I had put together with flights, hotels, ferries, and tours all on my own. The experience of doing so led me to start my blog The Jet Set Redhead to share my world traveler planning experience.

Italy Travel - Ker & Downey - Amalfi Coast

How do guides enhance a trip as a world traveler?

Not only do they plan your day with all the highlights, but they also provide invaluable knowledge of the sites you are visiting with no language barrier. A guide quickly comes to know your travel preferences and will plan accordingly. As a world traveler, I enjoy visiting museums but I do not need to read every placard or linger at every instillation. A guide will hit the highlights and stay away from the large tour groups. Also when eating out, you will get an off the beaten path experience if you ask your guide to take you to their favorite lunch spot.

Nile Cruise - Ker & Downey - Egypt Travel

What was it like visiting Egypt and Turkey?

Both have such a unique history and incredible landmarks. I loved the architecture of the mosques in Istanbul, my favorite being the Süleymaniye Mosque. For Egypt, visiting the pyramids was a huge wanderlust moment along with cruising down the Nile. As a world traveler, it was beyond fascinating to explore a civilization that goes back to 3,100 BC.

Egypt Travel - Ker & Downey - Nile Cruise

What are some common misconceptions about traveling?

A lot of people believe they don’t need a travel agent. But when it comes to a multiple destination trip that requires airfare, transfers, hotels, and tours, it’s best to use an expert to put together a flawless itinerary. Also, there is the thought that travel to certain places isn’t safe. I would never push a client to book a destination they do not feel comfortable with visiting. I recognize there are certain areas of the world where I would recommend a guide because they know what to avoid and the customs to abide by.

World Traveler Meet Rachel - Ker & Downey - Turkey Travel

How has being a world traveler changed your life?

I have this incredible career because of travel. It has changed how I view the world. I believe it was Trevor Noah who said, “Travel is the antidote to ignorance”.  It has certainly given me an appreciation in my everyday life to enjoy the perspective of others (even when I don’t agree). I also was an extremely picky eater when I was younger. My mother is often shocked when I agree to try new things.

South America- Ker & Downey - Peru

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