Ker & Downey invites you to toast the good life on this unforgettable journey in search of the planet’s most savory spirits around the world. From the pisco of Peru and the tequila of Mexico, to the whisky of Scotland and the vodka of Russia, Ker & Downey’s journey takes you to the source of each liquid libation and reveals the pride, traditions, and national identity found in each bottle. Twenty-six days of closed-door private tastings, behind-the-scenes tours, harvest experiences, and special blending opportunities will make you a worldwide spirits connoisseur faster than you can say “cheers”!

Spirits Around the World

Suggested journey at a glance: 26 days/25 nights in Peru, Mexico, Scotland, and Russia

This around-the-world journey is just one of many ways to traverse the globe on your own customized Ker & Downey trip. Our designers are at their best when crafting an itinerary unique for you; so contact us to start planning your future trip and read on to see one example of what’s possible.


Spirits Around the World first kicks off in the land of pisco. Culinary market tours and organic farmstead lunches prepare your palate for an immersive stay in the Ica Valley. The region’s dry desert soil, warm days, and cold nights subsequently work together to create complex pisco and wine grapes. Learn about the different types of vines and grapes found here with a sommelier-guided tour and tasting. Afterwards, uncover the essence and legend behind Pisco on a visit to the oldest distillery in the Americas. A Master Distiller, widely regarded as the leading authority on pisco, will reveal four centuries of pisco heritage. Finally, an excursion to the seal colonies of the Ballestas Islands, a flight over the Nasca lines, a sandboarding adventure in the dunes, and a private dinner under the stars round out your five-day Peruvian Pisco experience.


Next it is onward to Mexico and the tantalizing promise of tequila. Starting in Oaxaca, visit the local artisan villages and taste the region’s famous Barbacoa at the market. Then you will dive into the magical spirit of Mezcal, traveling to a small village of less than 300 inhabitants along the Totolapan River where some of the finest Mezcal is produced. While in Tequila, learn all about the “Spirit of Jalisco” from the local jimadores (tequila farmers) and distillers. Their legendary spirits represent five generations of tradition. You will also be able to witness the contrast between the preserved original distilleries of the region versus the modern facilities of one of the world’s largest tequila distilleries. See if you can taste the subtle differences between each purveyor along the way.


Your Spirits Around the World journey continues next across the Atlantic in the wild Scottish lands of whisky. Begin your time in Scotland at the “Queen of the Hebrides”, Islay: the Whisky Isle. While here you will undoubtedly uncover the distinctive ‘peaty’ flavors of the Islay malts at several of the island’s distilleries. Key labels include Lagavulin, Ardbeg, and Bowmore. You will even have a chance to put your sensory skills to the test as you blend your very own whisky alongside the Master Blender of Glenturret, Scotland’s oldest working whisky distillery. Travel next to Edinburgh to visit the Scotch Malt Whisky Society. It is here where you can indulge in a five-course tasting menu and whisky pairing. Complete your immersion with a stop at the Scotch Whisky Experience – home to the world’s largest collection of single malt Scotch whiskies.


The final featured spirit on this around-the-world adventure is Russian vodka. Beginning in Moscow and ending in St. Petersburg, pair your vodka tastings with special after-hours and early-opening discoveries of some of the country’s most iconic landmarks – from St. Basil’s and the Kremlin, to the Hermitage and Catherine’s Palace. A visit to the famous Kristall distillery and the Vodka Museum are of course on the docket and provide an introduction to the drinking culture of Russia. You will also have an opportunity to taste vodka’s predecessor, Samogon (Russian moonshine). This spirit is often seen as a sort of Robin Hood of alcohol to Russians.

In conclusion, spend your final two evenings in the company of Russian folklore singers at the traditional Podvorye restaurant and amidst the 24-carat cutlery, Versace porcelain, and caviar-led cuisine of the luxurious Russian Ampir restaurant – both of which offer different yet exquisite tastes of Russia’s finest foods and vodka stores. Consider it a final toast to your spirited and spirit-filled journey around the world!

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