It’s hard to narrow in on an African country to visit, so maybe a virtual African safari will help. The massive continent has so much to choose from. We’ve got way too many favorites including Namibia’s hauntingly beautiful Skeleton Coast. There’s also Rwanda’s gorilla trekking. West Africa’s fascinating cultures is something to see. But one African experience that we keep going back to, time and time again, is a traditional safari. In case you are trying to decide if you should go or not, maybe this virtual African safari will give you a little inspiration.

A virtual African safari - Singita - Ker & Downey - Africa

Photo provided by Singita

Experience Africa

A virtual African safari will give you an insider peek at the incredible wilderness. There’s just something about waking up at the crack of dawn to the sounds of chirping birds. A cup of warm coffee in hand awakens us further. Our bleary eyes suddenly become alert when we catch sight of a giant elephant protecting her little one. The slender neck of a giraffe reaches up to the African heavens to nibble on some delicate leaves. Our guide points out fresh animal tracks in the ground. The air is fresh with the scent of morning dew. A herd of migrating wildebeest kick up dust in the Serengeti. Africa really is so stunning. Experience it with a virtual Africa safari.

And when it comes to African safaris, the list is also long. Sleep out under a twinkling blanket of stars in a treehouse or live in the lap of luxury in a lodge with no creature comforts spared. Get a front-row seat to Tanzania’s annual migration at Singita Mara River Tented Camp. Watch the incredible wildlife take sips at the waterhole morning, noon, and night at Singita Faru Faru Lodge.

Virtual African Safari

We are always ready to pack our bags and get ready for our next African adventure. But in the meantime join us. Grab some popcorn and watch this beautiful virtual African safari from our friends at Singita.

Virtual Game Drive from Singita on Vimeo.

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