At Ker & Downey, we know there are a lot of choices when you’re trying to plan a trip. We live in a world of information overload with hundreds of travel review sites and endless comments to sort through. Which of those reviews can be trusted? Once you decide on a destination, what’s the best way to get there and what experiences should you add into your itinerary? 

Travel doesn’t have to be complicated. At Ker & Downey, we’re simplifying travel. We create a totally tailored travel experience that allows you to explore even the most remote places in the world without fussing over the details. 


One of a Kind

You’ll work with a designer to plan your journey, completely customizing it to your desires and preferences. Each of our designers are destination specialists who have spent a significant amount of time traveling in their destinations. Their knowledge of where to go and what to do is unmatched. In addition to their personal expertise of specific locales, Ker & Downey has access to a high-profile network of curated experiences. Enjoy a meal at Basque Gastronomic Society in San Sabastian or tour the Egyptian pyramids with the minister of antiquities. After-hours tours when museums are closed to the public, specialist guides, or that coveted reservation at the world’s hottest restaurant – if you dream it, we can do it. 

Explore Ranches - Luxury North America - Chalk Draw - Ker Downey

At Ker & Downey, we specialize in one-of-a-kind trips. No two journeys are alike. Because we don’t work with set travel dates or large tour groups, you are free to roam the world when you want, how you want. We offer VIP meet and greets at the airport with assistance through security wherever available and private guides and vehicles on each journey. Your comprehensive final document package, delivered to your door, helps you become familiar with your itinerary well in advance.

Worry-free Travel

We know safety is a concern. Each Ker & Downey journey comes with 24-hour emergency assistance numbers and Global Rescue, the highest standard in travel risk management and response. Global Rescue offers medical, security, and evacuation services so you can explore the world with peace of mind. Additionally, they serve as Ker & Downey’s travel risk advisor keeping us apprised of up to the minute intelligence on happenings around the world. This allows us to efficiently and effectively advise our clients of any recommended adjustments to their travel plans.

Introducing Global Rescue for All Ker & Downey Travelers - Luxury Travel

In-House Air Department

Take the guesswork and travel logistics questions off your plate. Our in-house air department offers competitive rates and provides an in-depth knowledge of the best flight itineraries so you spend more time exploring and less time in the air or at airports.


At the heart of Ker & Downey is a desire to make lives better with each trip. We give back to the local communities in which we travel through partnerships and philanthropic donations. We have joined forces with partners like WildAid, Great Plains Foundation, Rhinos without Borders, Grootbos Foundation – Green Futures, AboutAsia Schools, and the Galo Plaza Lasso Foundation to make an impact in local communities. With your help, we’ve been able to donate $70,000 dollars to Rhinos Without Borders; for every person traveling to South Africa, we have made a donation to Grootbos Foundation Green Futures which includes planting over 600 trees in their milkwood forest; and support 110 schools in Siem Reap.

Ker & Downey for Africa is a passion project. Through donations, we provide insecticide-treated mosquito nets to fight against malaria and provide medical clinics to the people in rural communities of Uganda and Kenya. For some, it is the only doctor they will see all year. To date, Ker & Downey has handed out over 90,000 mosquito nets.

Ker & Downey for Africa - Philanthropy Travel - Travel that gives back

Just as one size does not fit all when it comes to travel, we know you have your own passions and ideas about how to incorporate your favorite philanthropy work into your travel plans. Whether it’s visiting a local community or heading out with a research team to join in the conservation efforts of animals, we welcome the opportunity to incorporate meaningful ways for you to give back during your journey.

We truly hope each journey you take is transformative. Experience a world of difference when you plan a trip and travel with Ker & Downey. Contact a designer to start planning your journey today.