It goes without saying that we’re a bunch of travelers over at Ker & Downey, so not being able to hop on a plane to some exotic locale or bustling city is hard for us, as it is for so many of you. We are eagerly looking forward to when we are free to wander this wonderful world again. In the meantime, we can use our imagination to whisk us off to faraway places. We’re dreaming of so many destinations to explore (Rajasthan, West Africa, Brazil, and Croatia, just to name a tiny few). Because a lot of us are cooped up inside with our kiddos trying to figure out how to homeschool, we crafted up a simple travel vision board project to help you spread your imaginary wings while also keeping the kids busy!

Travel Vision Board Materials

For your travel vision board, gather a bunch of old magazines. Doesn’t have to be travel related, although we always have those lying around too. You will also need a pair of scissors, some glue sticks, and cardboard or regular paper.

How to Make a Travel Vision Board - Ker & Downey - Materials

What To Do

Peruse through the magazines, pulling out any pictures that remind you of your most loved places and properties. Don’t forget to also cut out words that describe your travel dreams. Or if you can’t find specific ones, you could clip individual letters to spell the words. Bonus points since this helps the kids with their ABCs too. We found plenty of words (going green, beach, hotel, and global faces) in our stack of magazines.

How to Make a Travel Vision Board - Ker & Downey - Magazine

Get Crafty

Arrange the cutouts for display on your travel vision board. You could even create a bunch of different ones by theme: African safari (Botswana’s beauty, Namibia’s stark landscape, and Rwanda’s steamy gorilla treks), seaside (Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Sicily), cities (London, Mumbai, Bangkok, Valletta), and historic sites (Machu Picchu, Egypt’s pyramids, Uzbekistan’s Silk Road stops, and Cambodia’s blissful temples). Use this as a learning opportunity to chat with your kids about this unique planet we live on.

How to Make a Vision Board - Ker & Downey - Details

Start Dreaming

We know these are challenging times, making it even more important to keep our thoughts positive. Let’s continue dreaming about the places we long to visit. Until then, creating a travel vision board will help set your future travel goals and keep your imaginations running free.

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