As the festive season approaches every year, our expert travel designers are enlisted by creative gift-givers. Their request? Help with giving the gift of travel. If you want to wow your friends and family by treating them to a future trip, take a peek at our top picks for places to book now and travel to after the holidays.

Plan a Valentine’s Escape

Give Now Travel Later - Give The Gift Of Travel with Ker & Downey

Norway | Need a reason to get extra close? Ensure there will be plenty of snuggling on an arctic safari in Norway. February sees the region at the height of its arctic environment and the magic Northern Lights are best seen during February too.

Myanmar | A February trip to Myanmar beats the monsoon season, and the curated experiences designed by Ker & Downey offer plenty of romance. Cozy up on a private horse-and-buggy ride, enjoy a private river cruise next to gilded temples, and share a kiss in a hot air balloon high above the landscape.

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Best Bets for Spring Break

Give Now Travel Later - Give The Gift Of Travel with Ker & Downey

Mexico | Forget the Spring Break of your youth: from the cities to the coast Mexico has plenty of sophisticated experiences to offer… of course, there’s always tequila harvesting too. Try a trip south of the border for cultural depth close to the United States.

Morocco | If you want a rich experience that gets you a little farther away for Spring Break, consider Morocco. In just seven days it’s possible to pack in a lot. See the ruins and the oases on the edge of the Sahara, sleep out under the stars in a Berber tent, attend private tea tastings and Henna parties, and take a horseback ride along a coastal fort.

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Summertime Adventure

Believe it or not, the time is now to book travel for next summer. Give the gift of travel and plan a summer family vacation ahead of time; it will help the last half of the school year fly by.

Give Now Travel Later - Give The Gift Of Travel with Ker & Downey

Zambia | The height of summer is an ideal time to safari in Zambia, and our Zambia Family Safari suggested journey is designed with safari-goers of every age in mind. Private accommodations and flexible schedules add extra exclusivity to a place that is already one of Africa’s least crowded safari destinations.

Croatia | In June, Croatia’s islands get extra festive. Switch up the usual European summer vacation and go for local festivals, history, and culture on the Dalmatian Coast. We think it’s best explored by private yacht, a great option for families.

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Year-Round Picks

Give now, travel later, for any occasion and for any season. Here are a few travel ideas that will wow anyone on your list.

Give Now Travel Later - Give The Gift Of Travel with Ker & Downey

Egypt | The Great Pyramids, sprawling desert sands, and ancient culture along the Nile: Egypt is a fascinating place that is enjoying a revived presence on the global travel map.

Tanzania | It’s hard to top a classic safari. Tanzania’s shoulder season has attractive rates, but wild and wonderful game activities can be had year-round throughout the country.

Our Where To Go List | Peruse the picks on our 2019 Where To Go List. These destinations are up-and-coming, and getting there before anyone else makes your gift extra special.

Give now, travel later with your friends and family; Ker & Downey can help you plan the perfect gift of travel. Contact your luxury travel designer to plan your own journey.