Trends come and go, but travel is always in fashion. Here are six 2020 travel trends that won’t go out of style anytime soon.

Kid-Friendly Destinations

Traveling with your kids will always be on trend. We’ve all heard the benefits of traveling with kids, even from a young age: it broadens their perspective as they learn about new cultures, teaches similarities and differences, and teaches them to adapt and be patient. It’s even possible to learn a new skill while traveling and has been linked to increased self-confidence and resilience. The list of pros could go on.

You could load a vacation with all the spots you want to hit with your kids, but sometimes it’s best to take the laid-back approach. One destination at the top of the list for kid-friendly and laid back is Corsica, where French-style and quiet island life collide. In addition to the numerous sandy beaches, lush landscapes of olive groves and vineyards, and experiences like private yachting to private beaches and helicopter rides, the locals absolutely adore children.

2020 Travel Trends - Kid Friendly - Ker Downey

River Cruises

River cruising offers a luxurious and laid back way to see more of a destination. For the best of both worlds, combine a river cruise with land extensions on either end of the cruise. You can enjoy relaxed and easy-going sightseeing by water and more in-depth exploration by land. Consider Ker & Downey’s river cruise programs for your next getaway.

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Long Layovers

It’s hard to avoid a layover, especially for international travel. Build in a long layover between flights (also known as a stopover) as an opportunity to see more of the world on one trip. In addition to breaking up the long flights, it can also cut down on jet lag. Some of our favorite layover destinations include Istanbul, Amsterdam, London, and Dubai. In Southeast Asia, Singapore is an ideal destination for a long layover. It’s convenient to East and Southern Asia, as well as the Maldives.

2020 Travel Trends - Long Layover - Ker Downey

Adventure Travel

The fastest way to kill the nomadic adventure spirit is hiking a well-worn trail with tons of other people. For adventure travelers looking to pioneer their own trail in 2020, head to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Dinaric Alps make a stunning backdrop for single day and multi-day hiking trips. There are also a number of multi-day cycling trips on the rise, including the Trans Dinarica bike route which connects Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina (and eventually Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, and Macedonia) through a 1,200-mile bike trail along the Dinaric Alps and Shar Mountains.

2020 Travel Trends - Adventure - Ker Downey

Best of Both Worlds

Consider combining a well-known, bucket-list destination with a less-explored area of the world. For example, pair a visit to Spain and Portugal with the Azores, Portugal’s best-kept secret. The nine islands of the Azores sit off the coast of Portugal. Up until recently, they’ve been practically cut off from tourism due to limited flights, but new connections are opening up. This is one place to visit before everyone else catches on.

2020 Travel Trends - Azores - Ker Downey

Multi-Country Itineraries

Similar to combining a top destination with a lesser-known one, multi-country itineraries allow you to see more of the world with one trip. This is especially convenient if you’re hopping over the pond or flying halfway around the world. But it also works well if you are just scooting down to some of our southern friends in Latin America. For instance, Panama pairs beautifully with Costa Rica in Ker & Downey’s Bounty of the Canal journey: a discovery of fertile plantations, untouched coastlines, and of course, the Panama Canal.

2020 Travel Trends - Panama - Ker Downey

What do you think is trending for travel in 2020? For more of our 2020 travel trends and inspiration, click here. To start planning your journey, contact your Ker & Downey designer.