Curious about where to go in 2020? At Ker & Downey, we think there’s no wrong choice, as long as you get out there and explore your passion for travel… but we’re always happy to make suggestions! Our experts have gathered their own picks for your best bets in 2020 travel, all across the globe. Read on to get inspired to start crafting your own journey.


Standing out as more than just an extension, Iceland’s much bigger neighbor may not be for sale, but it is enjoying time in the spotlight. The pristine glaciers and polar bears are (forgive the pun) just the tip of the iceberg of reasons to see Greenland. There’s also more than 4,500 years of history to explore. Check out what else to see in Europe in 2020 >>

Where to Go Europe 2020 – Custom Luxury Travel – Ker & Downey - Greenland


For a taste of the truly wild in Africa, head to Madagascar in 2020. It’s a less-visited part of the continent with a lot to offer, and not a lot of crowds. Magical national park landscapes, fantastic beaches, and curious lemurs await those who are adventurous enough to make the journey. Where else to visit in Africa in 2020 >>

Where to go Africa 2020 - Namibia, Madagascar, Kenya - Madagascar

Bhutan and Nepal

We think Nepal and Bhutan are a perfect match, but apart, each country packs in plenty of adventure and unique culture for a well-rounded journey. Some must-dos: safari through Nepal’s UNESCO-protected Chitwan, visit the harrowing Tiger’s Nest Monastery in Bhutan, and learn more about the importance of Buddhism in both countries. Explore Asia in 2020 >>

Where to Go Asia 2020 - Bhutan, Nepal, Vietnam, India - Ker & Downey - Bhutan

Uyuni, Bolivia

The vast salt landscape is so otherworldly, it’s often used as an off-planet location by filmmakers (including director Rian Johnson during his Star Wars film). Visitors feel like space explorers themselves in the domed domiciles at Kachi Lodge. Bolivia is great on its own, or as a multi-country combo with either Peru or Chile. Get more travel inspiration for Latin America travel in 2020 >>

Where to Go in Latin America in 2020 - Luxury Travel - Ker & Downey


The Holy Land is in for a dose of bliss in 2020 with the debut of Six Senses Shaharut. Secluded in the Negev Desert’s Arava Valley, start a spa sojourn and be welcomed by a full list of amenities. The soothing landscape sure to enhance the inner peace you’ll uncover after a soak or a steam. Discover more in the Middle East next year >>

Where to Go Middle East 2020 – Israel, Jordan, Dubai – Ker & Downey - Negev Desert

Western Australia

Australia’s wild west is a far-flung and multi-faceted playground for every type of traveler. From its magical coastlines to its wonderful culinary treasures and wild encounters on land and underwater, don’t just head down under in 2020: go west, too. Find out more about some of Australia’s must-sees >>

Where To Go 2020 - Explore the World in 2020 with Ker & Downey

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