Ker & Downey designer Jeanne Stayton traveled to Russia where she discovered the beauty of both Moscow and St. Petersburg. These cities were not awash with cement-Stalin-esque buildings like some might think, but instead plenty of pale pastel buildings. And the Metro stations, she says, “were museum-like and built that way to encourage use.” To get the most out of your Russia luxury travel adventure, you’ll want a private guide who can help you avoid large tour groups. The best time to visit is May to August if you want to see the fountains at Peterhof, but that’s also when cruise passengers stop in St. Petersburg in maddening droves. If you go from October to April, you won’t see any cruise groups in St. Petersburg.

Russia Luxury Travel

Jeanne is highlighting the rest of her trip for us below.

Where were you? Amsterdam, Moscow, and St. Petersburg

A highlight of the trip? Everything was a highlight. If I have to choose one, Catherine’s Palace outside St. Petersburg would be it. Originally a modest building, it was later expanded, then reconstructed in the elaborate Rococo style. The ornate blue, white, and gilded palace was the summer residence for Russian tsars.

Favorite activity? Visiting the suites in the five-star hotels and a foot massage after five days of non-stop walking!!

Don’t miss… Education that Kremlin is a mini-city, not one building. You also can’t miss visiting the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. The museum of art and culture is the second largest museum in the world, with a collection of over three million items. Founded by Empress Catherine the Great, the museum houses the largest collection of paintings in the world. The collections occupy six historic buildings, including the Winter Palace, a former residence of Russian emperors.

Russia Luxury Travel - Ker Downey

Anything else you want to add? These are not handicapped accessible cities. Many of the sites do not have access for wheelchairs and it will take years to make it so, if ever. In addition, most hotels have only one or two ADA rooms available.

To start planning your Russia luxury travel adventure, contact your designer.