As travelers become more aware of the environmental impacts of tourism on destinations, Ker & Downey recommends more roads less traveled. Here are three eco-travel destinations to see now.


Off the beaten path, southern Africa’s remote and sparsely-touristed seaside marvel gives way to some of the planet’s most singular experiences and sights, such as the marine animals, bird species, and wild horses that thrive on the six islands of the Bazaruto Archipelago. Traced by the Indian Ocean, the pristine coastline offers sparkling sand and views of the sea often dotted with colorful dhows afloat above vibrant corals and abundant sea life. While the country is home to wetlands, forests, and savannahs, underwater safari is where it’s at, making Mozambique an ideal place to view sea life in the vast and purest of blues. The islands and islets of the seemingly-boundless Quirimbas Archipelago and Quirimbas National Park are virtually undiscovered. Beyond the sea, the sleepy seaside villages of Nampula Province beckon discovery of authentic local life. We like Mozamique for travel in 2019 too; see more of our picks for travel in Africa >>

Luxury Eco-Travel - Ker Downey - Mozambique


As if an arresting, dramatic natural landscape carved by fjords and massive, snow-capped mountains and hidden glassy lakes isn’t reason enough to visit, this Scandinavian country is also known for the world’s highest standard of living and fair quality of life for its inhabitants. From quaint fishing villages to rare and unusual wildlife to the heritage of Viking sagas, it’s easy to explore all, leaving a minimal environmental footprint. A perfect fit for all levels of sustainable adventure—kayaking, hiking, arctic whale watching, glacier viewing, fishing and foraging, skiing or chasing the Northern Lights—this is a bucket list destination that remains under the radar just enough that you often feel you have the whole world to yourself.

Luxury Eco-Travel - Ker Downey - Norway

Costa Rica

A land thick with dense, wildlife-packed jungles, otherworldly cloud forests, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and uncrowded, unspoiled beaches on the Pacific and Caribbean sides—Costa Rica is rich with ecozones. Visit and you’ll often hear the words “pura vida,” the national ethos of living simply, optimistically, and stress-free with abiding gratitude for the country’s prolific natural and cultural gifts. Think cascading waterfalls, towering volcanic mountains, and steamy thermal spas, as well as the alluring colonial city of San José. Boasting some of Latin America’s most innovative environmental policies, Costa Rica has turned small-scale ecotourism into high art, with luxury glamping experiences that are at the forefront of water and wildlife conservation, and even agroforestry.

Luxury Eco-Travel - Ker Downey - Costa Rica

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