French writer Jules Verne published Around The World in 80 Days in 1873. It is a story about a gentleman named Phileas Fogg who is challenged by his peers to travel the globe in a specific amount of time. The adventure novel takes readers to many far flung cities and countries. Ker & Downey shares our favorite destinations pulled straight from the pages of this classic novel.


Phileas Fogg is a resident of Victorian London and you can still find so many historical sites from this era scattered throughout the city. Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, and the beautiful Tower Bridge across from the ancient Tower of London were all built in Victorian times. Visiting these sites in this cosmopolitan city will give you a glance back in time.



The journey Around The World in 80 Days continued via the Orient Express to Venice, the magical Italian city of canals. Gondolas glide by lamp light through the narrow, misty canals as the gondolieri belts out opera songs. From this vantage, passengers can admire the beautiful palazzos that line the shimmering water. Venice is unique, mysterious, and truly magical.

From Egypt to India - Around the World in 80 Days Travel - Ker & Downey


Fogg visits Egypt next, an ancient land of the Pharaohs, bustling markets, and the life-giving Nile lined by palmed oases and village life. Egypt is a country that should be on any traveler’s list. Cruise down the mighty river and hop off to see the Valley of the Kings, an area of tombs where Tutankhamun was buried that will leave you in utter wonder. Just outside Cairo’s buzz, the Giza pyramids are thousands of years old and have stood the test of time.

From Egypt to India - Around the World in 80 Days Travel - Ker & Downey


The expedition Around The World in 80 Days continues in India. The Gateway of India was built long ago to invite the king and queen of England to the city when the country was still under British rule. India is a land of opposites and Mumbai, its biggest city is no different. Soaring skyscrapers sit side by side with colonial structures, and beautiful places of worship for Muslims, Hindus, Jews, and Christians intermix. Women clad in colorful saris push their kids on swings and stylish fashionistas walk the catwalks of lively shows. World-renowned Bollywood movie stars live in decadent mansions and families gather by the seaside to enjoy the street snacks. India is a feast for the senses.


Hong Kong

Diverse and bustling, Hong Kong is a place where east meets west. The diversity of cultures and world-class cuisine makes Hong Kong an appealing stop on a journey to Asia. Travelers will find modern malls alongside Buddhist temples, and serene mountains and parks welcome those who want to escape the frenetic pulse of the city.



One of the last stops on Phileas Fogg’s journey, Japan is not just for sushi and sake. Traditional tea houses, temples, and shrines let you experience traditional Japan. Stay in a ryokan, a Japanese guesthouse, to feel the serenity and simplicity of the land. Its four distinct seasons makes Japan an ideal getaway any time of the year. In the spring, cherry blossoms bloom; in the winter, soft snow dusts the mountains and forests.


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