Canopy walkways give you a chance to see the world from a different angle. Get eye-level with primates and bird species, see the forest floor from above, and test your adventurous spirit. These are our top canopy walkways around the world.

Nyungwe House, a hotel of One&Only | Rwanda

Nyungwe Forest National Park shelters over 25 percent of Africa’s primate species. There’s no better way to experience them than the canopy walk through the park. It’s suspended 130 feet above the ground and stretches for 295. Up there, you are eye level with primate species like the L’Hoest’s monkey, owl-faced monkey, black and white colobus, and the ever-popular chimpanzee.

Canopy Walkways | Nyungwe Forest Lodge | Luxury Rwanda | Ker Downey

Borneo Rainforest Lodge | Malaysia Borneo

The Tree Top Canopy Walk, a suspension bridge strung between five huge trees, spans nearly 1,000 feet in the rainforest. It offers an up-close view of the 130 million-year-old virgin jungle’s canopy. Consequently, it’s also gives you the best chance to spot orangutan.

Canopy Walkways | Borneo Rainforest Lodge | Luxury Borneo| Ker Downey

The Kew Royal Botanic Gardens | England

Designed by the same architects responsible for the London Eye, the Treetop Walkway at the Kew Royal Botanic Gardens is based on the Fibonacci numerical sequence; fitting since it’s often present in nature’s growth patterns. Inspect bird species, insects, lichen, and fungi from close quarters as you walk among lime, sweet chestnut, and oak trees.

Canopy Walkways | Kew Royal Botanic Gardens | England | Ker Downey

Mashpi Lodge | Ecuador

Less of a walk and more a ride, explore the unique biodiversity of the Andean Cloud Forest by way of the Sky Bike at Mashpi Lodge. It’s a bike suspended from cables at the top of the trees. It crosses through the tree-tops and over a gorge for a bird’s eye view of the cloud forest and a chance to see over 400 bird species. It’s a thrilling (yet leisurely) adventure.

Canopy Walkways | Mashpi Lodge | Luxury Ecuador| Ker Downey

Monteverde Lodge & Gardens | Costa Rica

The mile and a half Sky Walk through the Monteverde Cloud Forest uses a series of hiking trails and five suspension bridges that guide you through the treetops. With a naturalist guide leading your walk, explore the flora and fauna of the cloud forest as you make your way over canyons and through the trees.

Canopy Walkways | Monteverde Lodge and Gardnes | Luxury Costa Rica | Ker Downey

Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica | Peru

The canopy walkways of Tambopata National Reserve make their way through the canopy by way of a series of suspension bridges linked by eight observation platforms. During the one and a half-hour walk, keep your eyes peeled for toucans, woodpeckers, birds of prey, monkeys, and sloths.

Canopy Walkways | Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica | Luxury Peru | Ker Downey

Baumwipfelpfad Schwarzwald | Germany

The Baumwipfelpfad Schwarzwald treetop walk is a wooden path that meanders through the beech trees, fir trees, and spruce trees of the Black Forest. It ends at the incredibly cool and architecturally unique observation tower that reaches 130 feet into the air. It provides beautiful views over the thick woodlands of the Black Forest, giving you a new perspective of the area.

Canopy Walkways | Baumwipfelpfad Schwarzwald | Germany | Ker Downey

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