Make your travel plans for 2019 instead by reading our suggestions for where to go in 2019.

Set your sights on new travel experiences for 2018. Here are some of the places we predict will be the most talked-about in the coming year.


Southeast Asia’s bright jewel has all the qualities of a hidden gem with so much to discover: sparkling rice paddies, temples peeking over the tops of lush jungles, beautiful beaches and remote villages along the Mekong River.

Why Go? Find wonder. The hospitality and kindness of the locals make Cambodia a stand-alone destination—and you have your choice of amazing settings. Stay at a luxury resort on a private island with pristine beaches or at one nestled in a private nature sanctuary.

Don’t Miss: Angkor Wat is one of the best and most impressive temples in the world.

Ladakh, India

Snowcapped mountains rise high above monasteries and bustling bazaars in this northern corner of India.

Why Go? Excite all of your senses. Stunning Himalayan vistas are the backdrop to the rich culture, ancient Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, picturesque villages and colorful festivals.

Don’t Miss: Nature lovers and hardy trekkers will love a stay in a luxury camp as a base to explore the rugged high-altitude desert, valleys, pristine lakes and river lands where snow leopards, Asian ibex, and Tibetan wolves roam.

New Travel Experiences for 2018 - Luxury Travel Trends - Ker Downey


With a complex culture and a mountainous landscape brimming with natural curiosities, there’s a lot to unearth in this multifaceted South American nation.

Why Go? See spectacular feats of nature. The salt flats are an otherworldly stop on a Bolivian journey. The white expanse seems never-ending. Salar de Uyuni is known for its salt flats. One of the world’s highest deserts, it is surrounded by mountains and volcanoes.

Don’t Miss: Visit the salt miners workshop in the small village of Colchani and stargaze in the blinding white expanse in the middle of nowhere. For a true sense of place, stay in a hotel made from salt blocks. – Elizabeth Frels

New Travel Experiences for 2018 - Luxury Travel Trends - Ker Downey


Baroque architecture, turquoise-blue beaches, and bountiful plates of pasta and seafood make Sicily an Italian destination that still feels untouched and authentic.

Why Go? Immerse yourself in history and enjoy the romance of the seaside the city of Taormina is a blend of Greek, Roman and Byzantine history; a pearl of the Ionian Sea. Wander the streets and squares and feel the relaxing pace of an island lifestyle.

Don’t Miss: The food: take a full-day gastronomic tour in the city of Bronte-the birthplace of pistachio. – EF

New Travel Experiences for 2018 - Luxury Travel Trends - Ker Downey


Slovenia is a land of fairytale lakes, cliff-side castles, and stunning natural scenery.

Why Go? Take roads less traveled. Drive through the Vrsic mountain pass, learn more about the World War I history and follow Ernest Hemingway’s footsteps as he wrote “A Farwell to Arms.”

Don’t Miss: Indulge in wine tasting, Michelin-starred dinners and multi-course castle meals in Goriska Brda. – EF

New Travel Experiences for 2018 - Luxury Travel Trends - Ker Downey


History and hospitality meet in a land of a deeply spiritual culture, the rarest wildlife and boundless natural treasures.

Why Go? Do something different. Eco-conscious travelers will love the remote feeling of the wilderness where swamps and volcanic ridges are home to a wide array of animals and colorful birds and butterflies.

Don’t Miss: Visit the Bale Mountains National park to learn more about conservation programs for the tawny-colored Ethiopian wolf. The endangered animal lives in the rugged mountains of the country’s Highlands. – Nicky Brandon

New Travel Experiences for 2018 - Luxury Travel Trends - Ker Downey

The American South

Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana each tell a unique story of the American experience.

Why Go? Immerse yourself in southern hospitality. Taste the food, listen to the music and learn about the history of this fascinating region of the United States.

Don’t Miss: Visit the best bars with a bourbon historian and sample flights at a distillery in Louisville. – Catherine Brown

New Travel Experiences for 2018 - Luxury Travel Trends - Ker Downey

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