Cellhire makes roaming the world and staying connected affordable.

As much as we like to get away without technology, we get it – sometimes unplugging for two weeks isn’t an option. Thankfully it’s becoming increasingly easier to stay connected no matter where you are in the world.

Cellhire is a world leader in global mobile communications, allowing you to stay connected during your travels. They offer a broad range of rental services from international cell phones to 3G data cards on networks in over 120 countries around the world.

Cellhire - Luxury Travel - Ker Downey

Risk of Using Public Hotspots

We’ve all heard about the risks of using a public Wi-Fi signal and how easy it is for someone to hack into our computers or cell phones. Hackers can easily use an unsecured network to not only steal information but distribute malware and infect your software. We usually think about the risks associated with public Wi-Fi in coffee shops and airports, but hotel networks present the same risks. As public Wi-Fi becomes more readily available, so does the importance of protecting your data. The easiest way to keep your data safe while abroad is to rent a MiFi device through Cellhire.

What is a MiFi and why do you need it?

Accessing the internet abroad can be slow and expensive. That’s where Cellhire’s MiFi comes in. In short, a MiFi is a portable Wi-Fi hotspot that makes roaming affordable and safe. As long as you are in the range of a cell tower, you will be able to pull an internet signal. It works best in areas with a strong network, but it still able to work in some of the most remote destinations worldwide, including on trains and in cars. It truly is Wi-Fi on the go.

The most effective option for accessing the Internet abroad is to take a Mifi device with a roaming data-only SIM card. These small devices broadcast a signal within a 10m radius, just like your home network. And because the devices connect through WiFI, you can use your own phone, even if it is locked on your domestic network.

On Nicky’s latest trip to Kenya, she took Cellhire’s MiFi for a test drive to see how well it performed out in the bush. Throughout her trip, she was able to connect to the internet and share her travel photos with us at home.

Cellhire - Luxury Travel - Ker Downey

Besides the ability to connect to the internet even in the remotest locations, you can share a MiFi device with up to ten people on multiple devices while you’re traveling. And, it’s a safer option for the Internet on the go because you connect to it using your own username and password, unlike open, public Wi-Fi signals.

With a MiFi device, you also have the ability to make Voice over IP (VOIP) calls using data with applications like Facetime, Skype, Vyber, and What’sApp. An average 4-minute call uses only about 2 megabytes of data, which is not much at all. It’s a really great alternative than a traditional call using a phone when you are traveling.

Cellhire - Luxury Travel - Ker Downey

Getting Started with the Cellhire MiFi Device

After selecting your data bundle and device, you’ll choose what day you want your device delivered and what day you want to activate it. (You’ll want it activated when you arrive at your international destination.) The MiFi device arrives charged and ready to go. You should not need to test it before you arrive at your international destination, and it is recommended that you don’t. If you use the device in the United States, you’ll incur charges at 6$ per megabyte. As an example, downloading an app takes approximately 3 megabytes. So if you download an app in the United States using your MiFi device, you’ll be charged $18.

Should you encounter a problem with your device while you are abroad, Cellhire has 24/7 global support to help you fix it. They can usually diagnose and fix the problem ‘over the air,’ but if they can’t, they’ll ship out a new device for you to use from one of their international locations.

Once you get home, simply drop it in the return shipping label that arrived with your device and drop it off at the post office. Billing stops on the device as soon as it is scanned at the post office.

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