Explore our world with Ker & Downey’s best places to travel in 2017. From undiscovered gems, to new ways to experience a classic destination, the best places to travel in 2017 highlight the best of travel for the new year.

Whether you are a first time adventurer or perpetually living out of your suitcase, there’s a new destination for you to explore in 2017. We’ve scoured the globe to bring you the best places to travel in 2017. Use our list of up and coming travel destinations as inspiration for your next Ker & Downey journey. But don’t let it just be inspiration! Contact us to start planning, pack your suitcase, and explore our world.


Malta packs a lot of history and culture into its small islands. There, civilization has been present for 7,000 years, temples date back to 3,600 BC, and St. Paul shipwrecked there in 60 AD. On the quaint island of Gozo alone, there are 11 different dialects among its 35,000 citizens. And in the UNESCO City of Valletta, there are 320 monuments in .2 square miles. That makes it one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world. Malta is definitely an up and coming destination for 2017. With 300 days of sunshine and average temperatures around 77 degrees Fahrenheit, there isn’t a bad time to explore it.

Best Places to travel in 2017 - Luxury Travel - Malta - Ker Downey


We recently highlighted Colonia as one of our favorite Latin American wine regions and a best-kept secret of Uruguay. Its small, family-run vineyards are producing incredible Tannat. Yet, due to its proximity to other South American wine-producing powerhouses, the country has remained largely unknown for its wine production. A journey of wine tastings and discovery of the slow-paced river towns reveal the luxury and authenticity of the country. And at the moment Uruguay is still Zika free, making it one of the best places to travel in 2017.

Best Places to travel in 2017 - Luxury Travel - Uruguay - Ker Downey


Kenya is a tried and true safari option for luxury travelers. So while the destination itself isn’t an up and coming place to travel in 2017, there are always new ways to experience the classic safari destination.  Whether you are a first-time safari-goer seeking that “Out of Africa” experience, a family looking to reconnect, or an adventure traveler looking for a horseback safari in the Chyulu Hills, we’ve got you covered for 2017.

Best Places to travel in 2017 - Luxury Travel - Kenya - Ker Downey


For adventurers looking to discover new lands and earn their bragging rights in 2017, pair a safari in the Patagonia with an extension to the white wilderness of Antarctica. With Ker & Downey, you can fly in and out or cruise to the White Continent. There, you’ll be able to walk among penguins and glaciers in a destination where few others have been.

Best Places to travel in 2017 - Luxury Travel - Antarctica - Ker Downey


I think we can all say that Iceland was having a “travel moment” in 2016. And while we don’t see its popularity slowing down anytime soon, we think the rest of Scandinavia might claim some of the spotlight in 2017 – specifically Norway. With its breathtaking fjords and cutting edge design, it’s one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Consider exploring it in 2017 with our Arctic Safari. Its glacial landscapes set the stage for encounters with the rare wildlife of the Arctic.

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After decades of unrest, Colombia has entered into a new era of peace and progress. This new era is ushering in a reputation for hospitality, legendary adventure and famous coffee. The country’s natural biodiversity and seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites are worth seeing. However, discerning travelers know that the Colombian people are what set this destination apart. They are warm, happy, and optimistic, and ready to introduce contemporary Colombia to visitors.

Best Places to travel in 2017 - Luxury Travel - Colombia - Ker Downey


Look for the Philippines to be an up and coming travel destination in 2017 as more luxury travelers catch onto the allure of the far-flung islands. The 7,000 blue-rimmed islands host activities from kayaking and snorkeling, to lounging on sandy beaches.

Best Places to travel in 2017 - Luxury Travel - Philippines - Ker Downey

Sri Lanka

There’s a reason Sri Lanka is known as the “pearl of the Indian Ocean.” Ancient sites and temples from 2,000-plus years of culture, eight UNESCO World Heritage sites, endless beaches, lush rain forests, and elephant-filled national parks solidify this destination on the bucket lists of many intrepid travelers. While safaris through its national parks bring encounters with leopards, water buffalo, birds, and primates, it’s also an ideal destination for relaxing on the white, untrodden beaches or exploring the tea plantations. It seems there really is something for everyone in this exciting, uncrowded destination.

Best Places to travel in 2017 - Luxury Travel - Sri Lanka - Ker Downey


The flights are long, but once you land in Malaysia you’re greeted with warm hospitality and genuinely friendly people. Malaysia is a melting pot of cultures, most evident in its cuisine. Flavors, a blend of spices, and cooking techniques from Chinese, Malays, and Indians combine for vibrant and distinct dishes. You definitely won’t go hungry in Malaysia. But you can also experience other parts of the culture with activities like private traditional batik lessons, a train ride on the Eastern and Oriental Express, or sailing excursions through Langkawi’s islands. These authentic cultural experiences set your journey to Malaysia apart.

Best Places to travel in 2017 - Luxury Travel - Malaysia - Ker Downey


Go beyond Moscow and St. Petersburg and explore the small villages and countryside with a cruise on the Volga Dream. It’s one of the smallest boats on the Volga River making the 6-day cruise itineraries intimate and catered to the needs of our luxury travelers. A guest speaker accompanies each cruise to lead lectures about Russian culture, tell stories about Russia, and interact with the guests to provide a well-rounded look at the country. Additionally, cultural immersion activities aim to educate clients about Russian, and include things like vodka tastings, Russian tea ceremonies, and Russian language classes.

Best Places to travel in 2017 - Luxury Travel - Russia - Ker Downey

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